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Posted on 2018-05-21 05:24:00

Inspired by American business executive and eighth Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Dato’ Muzaffar Hisham, Group Head of Global Banking at Maybank, shares the four ways he believes will make all the difference in your career.

GET THE DATA <br>Information is power. Before making decisions, it is imperative that you gather all data and insights necessary to aid the process. This minimizes room for error and helps find the right balance of risk and return. This comes first.

MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY <br>People often lose sight of their objectives because there are just simply too many things to do. This is why it is crucial to question how we maximise efficiency in all our actions and what is the most efficient way to allocate resources to ensure that our objectives are met.

LEAD WITH EMPATHY <br>True leadership goes far beyond privilege or power. It is also about empathising with your team and sometimes placing their needs above your own. I constantly remind myself of this when working with the many teams that I lead. To become the leader we all wish we had.

LEARN FROM MISTAKES <br>Sometimes we become so obsessed with success and results that we forget how important it is to reflect on our mistakes so we can learn from them. This is why I’m always questioning why we do things, why mistakes occur, and how we can prevent them from happening again.

By Theresa Manavalan

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