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By Siew Ching

Are you considering a level up for your career in the business landscape? The CPA Program offers in-depth industry insights, in addition to, ample opportunities for continuous development. Yip Ka Yii, CPA Australia’s Member Ambassador in Malaysia, shares how CPA Australia has helped her reach greater heights.

The first thing Ka Yii wants you to know about CPA’s Experienced-Based Pathway is that you don’t need to have an accounting background.

“Even if you are from engineering, you can benefit from being part of the CPA Program as the Experienced-Based Pathway recognises business professionals from diverse backgrounds. As long as you have proficient experience in strategic business planning and are in a managerial position, you can start the CPA Program and benefit from the many opportunities and learnings it offers,” says Ka Yii.

The CPA Program is designed to equip candidates with a set of well-rounded skills from four compulsory subjects, Financial Reporting, Strategic Management Accounting, Ethics and Governance and Global Strategy and Leadership, plus two elective subjects. As an Associate member of CPA Australia, you will also hone your management and leadership skills from the continuous learning opportunities that are available to you.

“Associate members have full access to seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops, in addition to, networking opportunities with industry stakeholders and professionals. CPA Australia is dedicated to supporting your ongoing professional development by equipping you with the knowledge and skills to navigate and lead in your profession,” Ka Yii points out.

Ka Yii, who started on her CPA Program in 2022, credits her CPA Australia journey as the bedrock upon which she has built her successful career. Born and bred in Miri, Sarawak, Ka Yii furthered her studies in Australia and achieved a Master’s degree in Taxation. She then joined an Australian real estate property investment company as an accountant dealing with finance along with risk and return assessments for investors.

“I returned to Malaysia in 2019 and joined Curtin University as an accounting lecturer and two years later, I was designated as the Associate Dean of External Engagement for the Faculty of Business. I received my CPA designation in December 2023,” says Ka Yii.

Ka Yii has been instrumental in spreading awareness about CPA Australia and the CPA Program in Malaysia by facilitating collaborations and joint events between CPA Australia and local institutions. As such, when the Member Ambassador program was extended outside of Australia, Ka Yii was an obvious choice to become one of CPA Australia’s first Member Ambassador in Malaysia.

“The Business Development team from the Malaysia office called me up one day and said that I had been chosen to become a Member Ambassador. I obviously said yes,” says an elated Ka Yii.

Ka Yii is quick to add that even without the appointed role, she is more than willing to share information about CPA Australia. Viewing herself as an enthusiast, she’s passionate about taking on a more active role in shaping the future of the accountancy profession in Malaysia and beyond. For this, she wholeheartedly believes that CPA Australia is key.

“In addition to preparing you for the profession, CPA Australia also prepares you to be a strategic business leader. It envisions the profession's future and the key skills you will need to remain forward-thinking, resilient, innovative, and committed in the next decade. This is reflected in the proactiveness and dynamic nature of CPA Australia members – their mindset in tackling different business challenges with high adaptability, leadership skills, and effective communication,” shares Ka Yii.

The CPA Program’s inclusivity also ensures that special programs are easily accessible to cater to diverse needs of the profession. For example, women leadership is highly championed via CPA Australia through tailored programs, events, and mentorship opportunities.

“CPA Australia advocates equal opportunities and recognises women’s achievement and empowers women in the field,” says Ka Yii.

Ultimately, she believes that through CPA Australia, one will not only receive comprehensive knowledge but the opportunity to develop strategic business ideas in terms of industry analysis, risk management, and insights on how future business models will look like to enable their organisation to excel.

“I don’t only see myself as an accountant. I see myself as a strategic business advisor as do other CPA Australia members. With CPA Australia’s commitment to holistic professional development, you will gain not just technical knowledge but also leadership qualities and the capability to be a well-rounded professional who is able to successfully navigate in a dynamic business environment,” says Ka Yii.

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