Who will WIN Malaysia's MOST Preferred Employer this year? 👀

By Mel Sim

Guess what, you get to decide!

In case you haven’t heard, the GRADUAN Brand Awards is an initiative by GRADUAN® in collaboration with CADS to give you the opportunity to have your voices heard! That’s right, since we started over a decade ago, over 150,000 Malaysian talents just like you have shared with us whom they think is Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employer.

You get to vote for the organisation you think will offer talent a great working environment plus many other benefits. Once the voting is done, we’ll tabulate the results using the latest AI technology and share a list of Malaysia’s top 50 overall Most Preferred Employers plus the Most Preferred Employers by industry as chosen by you!

Some of the employers who’ve made it to our hall of fame for last year’s Brand Awards include Maybank as the overall winner for Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employer followed by Nestlé and CIMB. Worth mentioning in the top 10 are also Top Glove, PWC, Coway, EY, Petronas, Axiata and KPMG.

Voters are also encouraged to join our annual Behavioural Study Survey to share with us some of their work environment ideals. We ask for your opinion on what makes you select a preferred employer, your reasons for staying in an organisation, how long you would stay in a company … basically questions that will help organisations plan their hiring processes and work culture to better suit this generation of talent.

Why is it important to take part in this survey? Because your future employer is listening! There’s nothing more valuable than having insight from talent themselves on what they are after when it comes to choosing the company they want to work for. By knowing this, companies can better serve as employers to provide you with better opportunities and in turn, have productive and inspired employees looking to make a change in the industry.

Ready to share your vote? Check out this year’s GRADUAN Brand Awards here and vote for your preferred employer!

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