Movies you’ll fall in love with!

By Nadia Syafiq

It is February after all… and that means, Valentine’s Day!

Trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration is already stressful for some but due to COVID, we can all breathe easily this year because we get to skip all of that! And also save a lot of wink.

But you can still make it special with a virtual movie date. Set a time to watch together (or by yourself) with one of our warm and fuzzy selections.

#1 Titanic
It’s hard to top being king of the rom-genre. Titanic sets the bar incredibly high for love story epics, even till today!

#2 Enchanted
What happens when fairytales and the real world collide? This classic Disney movie explores just that. Magic and real life continue to collide, making this a fun, whimsical movie.

#3 Crazy Rich Asians
A film that both sheds light on heritage while also telling a very entertaining romantic story. And even if you’re not the most inclined to watch a romcom, the movie’s incredible scenery alone is worth watching for.

#4 500 Days of Summer
An indie rom-com that has been a hit since forever. A story of the relationship between two co-workers with polar opposite views on love. The former believes he is destined to find “The One” someday while the latter sees that very idea as an irrational fantasy.

#5 Someone Great
This movie will remind you of the most important people in your life – friends – and help you feel more appreciative and grateful to have one another.

#6 13 Going on 30
Jenna has an awful 13th birthday party and makes a wish... and wakes up 30 the next morning! She soon discovers she doesn’t like the path her 13-year-old-self was on and that her childhood best friend, Matt, becomes someone she could really fall in love with.

#7 The Vow
This movie will take you a ride on the emotional roller coaster. A tear-jerker based on a true story, tragedy strikes Leo and his wife Paige, leaving her in a coma. She regains her consciousness but has no recount of all that has happened within the past five years.

#8 Edward Scissorhands
A classic romantic dark fantasy movie that will still make you get goosebumps from it. The story of an artificial man stumbled upon by a suburban family, Edward is taken back to a small town to stay with them. The family has a teenage daughter Kim who was shocked by his appearance at first but later treated him nicely for his kind heart.

#9 Her (2013)
A heart-wrenching rom-com that illustrates society’s dependence on advanced technology. Or in this case when a man falls in love with his OS. But the sci-fi film actually breaks into some uncharted territory regarding what it means to be in love with someone (or something), and what it can offer back to you.

#10 Love, Rosie (2014)
A romantic drama about best friends Alex and Rosie who have been there for almost every important moment in each other's lives and thinking that they'll be best friends forever.

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