How To Turn An Internship Into A Job

Sure it’s important to have internship experience on your resume. But you know what’s bigger? For that internship to turn into your full-time job.

Internships provide many benefits – mentorship, hands-on experience, developing soft skills, networking and more. But the single most important benefit that can come out from an internship is having a foot into the company you’ve always wanted to work for. If you do the job right as an intern, you can be sure of being hired for a full-time position at the end of your internship. But whether that happens depends on how you play the intern card. We got the tricks for you.

#1 Make Sure You Choose the Right Internship First things first: Make sure the internship you end up with is with a company or industry that will give you the experience and knowledge you want to take your career forward. No point working in a role where you have no interest in; you might not want a full-time gig after.

#2 Go to Work on Time – Or Even Earlier! Sauntering in after everyone else has settled into their task for the day is a bad look for interns – it sends the message that you’re likely to be an employee who is tardy and has no respect for time, which doesn’t exactly sit well with deadlines. So be early – five minutes is all it takes – to show your future employer that you’re responsible and care about your role at the job.

#3 Be Useful Don’t wait till you are told to do something – take your own initiative and ask how you may be of service. make yourself useful and find something to work on, whether a huge task or a small chore. This shows that not only are you proactive but also a team player – two soft skills companies look out for when employing.

#4 Network. Network. Network. Network! Internships can be overwhelming, especially in a multinational company where you’re constantly surrounded by people in different roles and positions. However, it is also your best opportunity to gather information, build contacts, network and essentially make a good impression on everyone you meet!

Networking doesn’t necessarily end with a job opportunity but it does help pave the way there. Plus, it gives you the opportunities to ask honest questions about the company, the culture and what it takes to be in the industry – all of which comes in handy when making a decision about your next career move.

#5 Act the Part If there is one rule to going from intern to full-time employee, it’s this. Dress according to the company’s dress code. Treat everyone you meet with respect and professionalism. Don’t get involved in office politics. Leave your personal drama at home. Keep your emotions in check. Do some actual work (and not surf the Web or gab on the phone all day!). Got it?

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