Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow at Shopee

By Mel Sim

E-commerce platforms are fast catching up in popularity, making them the business to be in these days. Shopee’s Global Leaders Program (GLP) is just the place to start if you envision a career in the industry. Find out firsthand why it can help you jumpstart your career from current associate, Wong Wee Wen.

#1 Great culture, great exposure
I chose Shopee’s Global Leaders Program because of the company’s cultivating culture and mentorship from its senior management with many years of industrial experience. Their guidance and feedback are nurturing and important especially during this first chapter of my career. Aside from that, we are given ownership to take part and even lead impactful projects despite being relatively fresh in the company. I also enjoy the holistic and balanced learning experience whereby the programme gives me exposure to the business via rotation in the commercial side as well as technical areas such as product management.

#2 A unique structure
GLP is a two-year graduate programme consisting of four six-month rotations between Business Development, Marketing, Operations, or Business Intelligence. We are also given the opportunity to rotate in Singapore for a regional rotation. With every rotation, we receive direct coaching and mentorship from our reporting managers. Most importantly, there are regular check-ins on our progress and personal development.

#3 The opportunity to learn in an exciting, fast-changing industry
You’ll gain a lot via this programme, such as knowing how to be agile, adaptable, and able to move quickly especially in this fast-changing tech environment. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to zoom in and zoom out when making decisions.

#4 My first day as a trainee
Since it’s my first job, I remember feeling quite nervous but also extremely excited to get started. On my first day, aside from getting to know new colleagues and having tours on different floors in Shopee, I had to read through materials for the relevant projects I will be working on. Being new to the company and industry, I am immensely thankful for the supportive culture at Shopee. Even on the first day, colleagues didn’t mind answering all the questions I had and gave me the necessary guidance despite being busy at work. It ended up being quite a productive day with a Q&A session with my manager to have a deeper understanding of the overall projects, personal goals, developments, and action plans.

#5 How you can stand out as a management trainee at Shopee
Have a right attitude and develop the passion for the work we do and the e-commerce industry. Never stop learning and improving by picking up new skills to stay relevant in this fast-growing industry.

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