He Worked His Way Up – and Now He is President of the Group!

Guess what, you can do the same with his tips and advice.

Noel Rajan is someone who’s worked his way through the ranks in a company. At MBf Group, he started as a financial controller before being appointed as the Executive Assistant to the Group CEO.

From there, he was promoted as the Executive Director for the Pacific operations and today, Rajan is the President of MBf Group. “I kept on serving the Group the best I could by passionately being hands on in various aspects of the business,” says Rajan.

Rajan is absolute proof that hard work, passion and commitment definitely pay off – big time. It also goes to show that MBf Group is a company that rewards its employees for their loyalty and dedication. Says Rajan, “One of the biggest advantages of working for a diversified group of companies like MBf is the numerous opportunities for growth and development. We have no boundaries when it comes to success.”

Founded in 1963, the Group’s activities have grown and diversified substantially in a range of sectors and regions to become one of Asia Pacific’s leading private conglomerates. Its business activities span across nine different sectors – agribusiness, water and trading, education, property development and management, automotive, banking and financial services, retail, commercial printing and engineering, healthcare and logistic.

With such diversified businesses, MBf Group is on the lookout for graduates with different skill sets. However, there are a few common strengths that the company seeks, says Rajan. “Whilst technical skills are one aspect, we look for people with the best attitude who can thrive in our dynamic business environment.”

Rajan further explains by citing the five traits he looks for in a future hire: “Effective interpersonal skills, self-motivated, able to work under pressure and without supervision, ability to transform self and the organisation as well as exceptional communication abilities.”

Keep trying, keep striving for excellence. The dream job will look for you!

Think you fit the bill? Here’s another insider tip from Rajan when it comes to scoring a job at MBf Group: “Our HR department has a structured recruitment process. Shining at each stage will be dependable on the calibre of each talent as we have different levels of assessments by varied managers. My best tip for you is to be well prepared.”

Once hired by the company, there are plenty of benefits that one can enjoy. According to Rajan, the most interesting aspect of the company is the many challenges on the global sphere. Hence the company thinks globally and works with a diverse team of people to help achieve goals and targets.

On top of that, MBf Group is dedicated in providing unlimited opportunities for growth whereby talent are embraced and utilised to their fullest potential. One way of doing this is by supporting further education and upskilling through structured training and education programmes.

Other things to look forward to at MBf Group? “The company is very stable and job security is not an issue. We also have modern management concepts embraced,” says Rajan.

Any final advice for young talent when it comes to securing their dream job, Rajan says, “Keep trying, keep striving for excellence. The dream job will look for you!”

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