Having creative block? Try these to fix it.

5 tips to help you get that eureka! moment.

Video editors, photographers, writers and even scientists get stumped occasionally while looking for that eureka moment. Sitting at your desk and cracking your head trying to come up with new ideas can lead to the dreaded B-word.


When you’re looking for that brilliant idea, it’s always important to keep in mind that perfection cannot be forced or rushed. Remember that famous Avatar film released in 2009? The sequel has been in the making for over 10 years! And it is still in production with a release date of December 2021.

This proves that you just can’t rush perfection! But if you really need to get to it, here are some things you can try when hit with creative block.

Take on a monotonous task
Mundane tasks like driving, cleaning or even jogging are proven to relax your brain and reduce stress. As your brain relaxes, it now has space to give birth to new ideas.

Write it down
When you have lots of ideas in your head, you might be tempted to start work right away. As logical as it might seem to spew out your thoughts into art once you have them in mind, you might not know where and how to start, and this might lead to a big mess.

Instead, take a second to write down your ideas and arrange them to have some structure, giving you a clearer idea of the bigger picture.

Look for inspiration elsewhere
Inspiration can be found in the places you least expect. If you’re struggling to think of ideas to begin your masterpiece, try taking your senses to new places. Watch a film you’ve never seen before, play a video game with an interesting storyline or listen to new music (watching the music video helps!)

Indulging in the creative works of others is bound to give you new ideas so give that a shot.

Sleep on it
Forget taking a walk or a cup of coffee! The ultimate way for your brain and body to take a break is to catch a couple of Zs. New ideas could even seep into your dreams so have a notebook ready by your bedside.

Talk to someone about it
It always helps to get a second opinion on things, especially when the second opinion comes from an outsider looking in. Talk to your friend about your idea and he could help water that seed. With the right synergy, you guys could watch the idea bloom together!

Sometimes, the final product might look different from what you first imagined it to be and there’s no problem with that. The key is if you’re experiencing creative block, it’s always a good idea to step away and give yourself a break.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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