Got A Job Offer? Make Sure You Ask These Questions First.

By Mel Sim

Especially #3, if you want to do well!

Finally – the call you’ve been waiting for to tell you that you got the job offer! You’re thrilled but don’t celebrate yet... and don’t sign on the dotted line before you ask the hiring manager these questions to determine if the job – and company – will be a right fit for you.

#1 The Basic Questions
For starters, you want to make sure you get the basics of the job down. The answers to these questions should be in your offer letter but if they’re not, make sure you ask the hiring manager to avoid miscommunication: What is your start day, what are the hours like, what exactly is your job title, your starting salary, who you will be reporting to, what is the dress code, what is the probation period, and when do you need to come back with a decision?

#2 What are the benefits?
Benefits vary widely from company to company so you don’t want to assume anything just in case you get it wrong. Your benefit package should be discussed during the interview and perhaps even negotiate then if needed. Your offer letter should also state them but you can ask the hiring manager in case there are areas that are not so clear.

#3 What is my job scope?
You need to get a sense of what’s expected of you in this role, especially the first three months on the job. This way, you can decide if you are capable of it and then set yourself up for success. Is the answer a little too vague for your liking? This might be a sign that the company hasn’t quite set clear expectations for the position, which can spell trouble in the future if you don’t have clear guidelines of what you’re expected to do.

#4 Tell me about the work culture
Finding out what your future work environment will be like can help you determine if you’re a right fit. Things like flexible hours, casual Fridays, weekly town halls are good indicators of what the culture is like.

#5 What about bonuses, promotions and salary hikes?
It might be a little too early to ask this but if you word it properly (say this instead: “What will my career path look like and what are the benefits along the way?”), you’ll get a good idea of what’s in store for your future, the available career advancement opportunities, and how it may relate to you and your career goals.

#6 What will I be working on immediately?
You need to know exactly what you’ll be jumping into when you sign the offer letter to see if this is something that will make you want to stay longer with the company. Ask for more details about the project you’ll be working on and what your role will be.

#7 What’s the turnover rate like?
Do more people stay... or do they leave? The answer to that will give you a really good idea of the kind of management you’ll be dealing with.

#8 What is my boss like?
Don’t you want to know the person you’ll be reporting to? Getting a heads-up on your boss’s personality will give you an advantage when you show up for work ready to impress!

Photo by Tero from pixabay

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