Everyone is quitting. Should you?

By Ahmed Wafi

Read this before you follow the crowd.

One day you are working nicely alongside your favourite colleagues; next day everyone seems to be quitting! What gives?

A mass quitting can be quite common these days, and they usually happen when a new boss comes in or if the company changes direction and things aren’t how they used to be. You may have signed up for one thing only for it to change to something that you completely don’t agree with the next. When this happens, a lot of people quit their jobs and look for something else more agreeable.

Should you also do the same? It’s one thing to no longer have colleagues you enjoy working with but what if you don’t like the new boss or working style too? Also, what if you no longer have those colleagues but ACTUALLY like the new boss?

The thing is, peer pressure is real – yes, even when you are a working adult. While everyone is quitting and maybe talking slack about the new management, you’d be tempted to do the same.

But should you? Here are some questions to ask yourself before making that decision.

#1 Who’s leaving?
If it’s everyone from your department, you might want to start asking questions like why. Maybe there’s something really happening and your role could be absorbed by someone else, leaving you with different responsibilities and a different career direction. This can have a negative impact to your workload that may not work in your advantage. The right thing to do is ask someone you can trust what is happening.

But if those leaving are working from different teams, whatever changes are about to happen in the office may or may not even impact you. Try to evaluate their reasons for leaving and see how this will affect your personally. Maybe something else is happening to their department but no yours so there’s really no reason to leave.

#2 What’s going to happen when they all leave?
Will management hire new people to take over those roles? That’s a good thing because otherwise, you’ll end up with more work but the same pay if you decide to stay on! Stick around for a while and see what happens. Or have a chat with your immediate boss to see what plans are in stored in terms of replacing the people who left. While you’re at it, ask about the future of your career – what will happen if you decide to stay?

#3 What new opportunities are there for you if you stay?
Sometimes a colleague or two leaving could be a good thing as this may be your opportunity to shine! It offers you the chance to move up formally or at least take on new responsibilities, which are great because then you get the opportunity to upskill and prove yourself. But if everything remains and nothing is really going to change for your career, maybe you should ask what’s in it for you if you stay. If the answer is nothing much, time to look elsewhere!

#4 Is this the first time this is happening?
Some industries are known for its high turnover rates. A bunch of your colleagues leaving could be a sign of something happening, like maybe a new company recruiting those with their experiences or perhaps just a restructuring your company is going through. But if traditionally nobody leaves the company until now, ask these questions: Has salaries or benefits been cut? Are there rumours of a merger and people might lose their jobs? Is there someone new onboard who is difficult to work with? If the answers are yes to all, time to think of joining the rest of your colleagues!

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

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