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Posted on 2018-02-26 04:20:00

If so, Agrobank is interested in helping you enhance your skills and potential.

Responsible for uplifting the well-being of the agricultural community nationwide, Agrobank operates around 186 branches throughout Malaysia. Established in 1969 under the name Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad or BPMB (Agricultural Bank of Malaysia), the bank’s main function was to coordinate and supervise granting of financing facilities for agricultural purposes, mobilising savings in the agriculture sector. 2008 saw the corporatisation of the bank, leading to the rebranding of a new corporate identity under the name Agrobank.

In 2015, with the completion of the bank’s conversion into a full-fledged Islamic bank, Agrobank stands tall with the direct involvement in the real economy. Currently, the bank is embarking on the next phase. “Agrobank is focused on providing comprehensive financial access to the agriculture community in like with the aspiration to be the leading financial institution and to pursue greater diversification by retaining the bank’s market shares in the agro food all the while expanding its presence in the agro-based industries,” says Puan Masaat Awadz, Covering Duties President/CEO of Agrobank Malaysia.

GROOMING FUTURE LEADERS Puan Masaat explains that Agrobank’s culture largely involves engagement and transparency within co-workers. The bank’s staff are often included in small pilot projects across different functions and placed with designated leaders who can inspire and groom them to be future leaders themselves.

The success of the organisation’s business growth depends upon attracting, developing and retaining the best candidates in the industry. “The main traits we look for in our future hires are adaptability, being a problem-solver, a creative thinker, one who possess leadership qualities, and finally being collaborative,” explains Puan Masaat.

Asked about the preparations needed in terms of potentially working at Agrobank, Puan Masaat gave GRADUAN a clear breakdown: “On top of the minimum CGPA of 3.00, we look for graduates with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for success, those who communicate well and are constantly inquisitive, and are willing to learn and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.”

In line with the bank’s target to produce experts internally, staff can apply to undergo certification programmes related to their own job functions such as credit, treasury, compliance, audit and risk management.

The main traits we look for in our future hires are adaptability, being a problem-solver, a creative thinker, one who possess leadership qualities, and finally being collaborative.

Agrobank also runs its Young Talent Programme (YTP) with the objective to strengthen the bank’s future talent pipeline, to develop well-rounded and capable employees for functional and specialist functions whilst nurturing their leadership competencies to take on future leadership roles within the organisation.

In terms of benefits, potential hires can look forward to a competitive remuneration structure offering cash and non-cash packages. The bank has also implemented the Staggered Working Hours (SWH) programme that provides employees with the flexibility as well as option in managing their personal and family obligations without compromising their work hours.

Investments were alaso made in various programmes covering training, workshops and manifold seminars. So one can expect a range of new suites of programmes that have been launched incorporating an electronic learning management system or e-learning, offering online modules, face-to-face programmes, on the job training as well as leadership and management training.

“Through this, Agrobankers are fully equipped and prepared with the skills and competencies to make positive contributions to the bank and at the same time keeping in association with the ever-changing work dynamics,” says Puan Masaat.

This article was published on 2018-02-26 03:44:00

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