Celebrate International Youth Day with Nestlé this 12 August!

By Dania Aziz

The largest FMCG company in Malaysia, Nestlé, is working with GRADUAN once more to celebrate youth by empowering young talents with skills they need to thrive.

This 12 August, GRADUAN will be hosting a live session featuring two experienced panelists, Wendy Poon Woen Jye, the Head of Talent Acquisition for Nestlé Malaysia and Singapore and Sam Shu Jing, the Marketing Lead of Harvest Gourmet at Nestlé, to dive deeper into how young talents can grow with the world's largest food and beverage company.

Nestlé has enacted many different initiatives to support young talents. One of these is its sought-after management trainee programme, which seeks to cultivate high potential individuals into future leaders in all facets of the company. This year, it has introduced another unique avenue that is its apprenticeship programme to bring in youth from segments to join the company through a series of exposures which include mission assignments and career aspirations conversations with Nestlé’s leaders and mentors.

One of the panelists for the upcoming live session, Sam, who started her career with Nestlé as a management trainee shared that some of greatest perks about being in the management trainee programme are the rotation between different functions and being able to meet new people, including mentors that provide talents with guidance throughout the programme. She was also posted to Ivory Coast, West Africa for an 8-month long mission assignment. “For the company to have entrusted a youth like myself to go to a different country and represent the business from Malaysia to build a new business there was a humbling experience that money cannot buy,” shared Sam.

To adapt to the ever-increasing demand by young talents, the company regularly keeps up with the market trends and develops focus groups with its young talents to identify key points in order to properly understand their drive and motivation. Nestlé also strives its best to ensure everything it provides to the youth is relevant for this modern era.

Hard skills and leadership qualities are what Nestlé looks for in talents. Talents are advised to always have the courage and curiosity to explore the unknown as the experiences gained may provide a career pathway to Nestlé. “Age does not matter. Regardless of what level of age you are, you can achieve many things as long as you have the behaviour, the willingness and the ability to wanting to do it,” Wendy added.

Want to learn more about career opportunities at Nestlé?

Tune in to Nestlé’s live session this Friday, 12 August at 3 PM as our panelists will be sharing their career experience, their favourite parts about working with Nestlé, tips and tricks on how you can join the team and many more. Visit graduan.com/nestle to register.

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