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Unleash your Entrepreneurial Potential with Lotus’s Management Trainee Programme

You’ll be glad to know that with the Lotus’s Malaysia Management Trainee Program you’ll find exactly what you need to stand out from your peers. The 30-month programme is specially designed to create and develop future leaders who are entrepreneurial in thinking and passionate about growing the business by exploring new ideas and approaches. Management trainees will work to learn cross functionally and manage multiple stakeholders, which provides them with valuable opportunities that are aligned with the company’s values: Simple in making complex things easier for everyone; Motivated to be one step ahead for customers, Agile in acting and adapting fast to provide the best for customers; Responsible with professionalism and ethics in check; and Transformative by being innovative to help everyone have a better life.

These values act as checkpoints but management trainees are highly encouraged to think up other innovative ideas on how to successfully run a business in Lotus’s. There will be real-work experiences for trainees to hit the ground running, picking up on practical knowledge and skills. This is complemented by learning and development programmes to further mould one’s mindset as an entrepreneur, a skill that is currently high in demand regardless of industry or position.

There’s no better place to start your journey of being outstanding than at Lotus’s. As one of Malaysia’s leading food providers with 65 stores and two distribution centres across the nation (and counting!), Lotus’s is the place to truly learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. The company also has the largest grocery online service and is the number one seller on e-commerce platforms – imagine the kind of learning and exposure you’ll get!

Lotus’s Malaysia is also big on intrapreneurship within its organisation, encouraging employees to develop resourceful ideas at work. If you love coming up with original concepts and hope to make these come true, Lotus’s is the place for you.

With so much to gain from the Lotus’s Malaysia Management Trainee Program, you can imagine the competition from other candidates to be selected. Aside from having a Bachelor or Master degree with zero to two years of work experience as well as excellent verbal and written skills in both English and Malay, you’ll need a proven achievement record from your university as well as have engaged in extra-curricular activities to complement your academic achievements. Individuals with strong leadership qualities, problem solving and analytical skills as well as the adaptability to change will have an advantage.

Here's another tip to make it as a potential trainee: Be sure to share examples of how you displayed great problem-solving and observational skills. Supplement that with your passion to learn and establish a long-term career in the industry. Candidates who show entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to take risks will gain the upper hand in being part of the programme.

Want to find out more about the Lotus’s Malaysia Management Trainee Program? Stick around because we’ll be updating with the latest info!

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