Throughout the year, GRADUAN® now aims to continuously provide avenues for discussions on corporate issues, while aiming to increase interaction and exchange of the minds between employers and experienced talent.

This year's conference theme is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability where it encompasses efforts and strategies to acknowledge, value, and embrace the variety of backgrounds, experiences, and identities that people bring to a group, organization, or society. Sustainability involves making choices and taking actions that support the long-term well-being of the planet, society, and economy.

ASPIRE+ 2023 Conference: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability is a dynamic conference and networking event. It aims to create a platform that offers extensive networking opportunities for talent to connect with leading organisations in Malaysia and find the opportunities for career growth. This conference is tailored for elite talent from universities, experienced professionals and differently-abled graduates.

The GRADUAN Brand Awards is an annual study that has seen participation of over 150,000 Malaysian talent in the past decade. The main objective of the Brand Awards is simple: to determine Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employer!

With that, GRADUAN invites Malaysian talent to vote for their Most Preferred Employer! Once voting concludes, a list of Malaysia’s top 50 overall Most Preferred Employers and Most Preferred Employers by industry will be displayed here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Those with an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign in to your existing GRADUAN.COM account and click ‘MY RESUME’ to upload your latest CV and update details. Then, click register to event under the Aspire+ Tab.

Those without an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign up to the event at by creating your GRADUAN.COM profile. Upload your latest CV and details for employers to get to know you a little better.

Participating employers will have access to the CV database and will be in touch with you to schedule interviews. The earlier you submit your CV, the higher your chances are to be selected and identified.

Submit your CV ASAP so participating organisations can access them before the conference!

Participating employers receive thousands of CVs/applications via their corporate website daily. By submitting your CV via this GRADUAN initiative, you are guaranteed that the employers are accessing the database daily in order to select candidates to meet and interview. This is a more focused and effective approach to land that dream career.

Also! It gives a chance for other opportunities to come knocking on your door. There might be many other employers providing employment opportunities who may get in touch with you because of your CV in the database pool.