GRADUAN Aspire hits its 13th year running as the nation’s most exciting career networking event!

GRADUAN Aspire 2023 will collaborate with prominent Malaysian organizations to provide aspiring professionals with opportunities to kickstart their dream careers and gain insights into the corporate world. The event will serve as a career and networking fair that will offer a glimpse into the dynamic corporate culture. Additionally, individuals interested in pursuing postgraduate studies can gather relevant information from the participating universities.

Unlocking the Power of Meaningful Careers: How Jobs Can Transform Lives

In conjunction with GRADUAN ASPIRE Career Fair 2023, our focus this year is on how jobs can bring about life-changing benefits. With this campaign, our goal is to inspire individuals to pursue meaningful career paths that can empower them to transform their lives. Apart from providing financial stability and security, careers can also boost one's self-esteem, sense of purpose, and overall well-being. They offer avenues for personal and professional growth, skill enhancement, and social interaction. Therefore, embarking on a fulfilling career can be a life-changing experience that can have a positive impact on various aspects of one's life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those with an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign in to your existing GRADUAN.COM account and click ‘MY RESUME’ to upload your latest CV and update details. Then, click register to event under the GRADUAN Aspire Tab.

Those without an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign up to the event at by creating your GRADUAN.COM profile. Upload your latest CV and details for employers to get to know you a little better.

Participating employers will have access to the CV database and will be in touch with you to schedule interviews. The earlier you submit your CV, the higher your chances are to be selected and identified.

Submit your CV ASAP so participating organisations can access them before the fair!

Participating employers receive thousands of CVs/applications via their corporate website daily. By submitting your CV via this GRADUAN initiative, you are guaranteed that the employers are accessing the database daily in order to select candidates to meet and interview. This is a more focused and effective approach to land that dream career.

Also! It gives a chance for other opportunities to come knocking on your door. There might be many other employers providing employment opportunities who may get in touch with you because of your CV in the database pool.