Working with leading organisations & institutions in Malaysia, GRADUAN® ASPIRE 2019 offers opportunities to talent in landing their dream career as well as learn all about the corporate world.

Meet and network with Malaysia’s leading employers, GRADUAN ASPIRE gives talent an insight to their prospective employers while giving them a chance to connect with Malaysia’s corporate leaders. Not only that, talent interested in pursuing their education in postgraduate studies will also be able to receive the necessary information they need from participating universities.

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Aspire 500 Conference


Exclusive Session with CEOs A mixture of 150 top-performing experienced professionals with a minimum of 3 years working experience will be shortlisted from the resume pool received prior to GRADUAN ASPIRE 2019 and invited to join this exclusive session. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mingle with CEOs in a casual and engaging setting!

ASPIRE+ Networking Lunch and Forum

Get in the Circle at ASPIRE+

#IAspireForMalaysia Campaign

The engineers who help construct Malaysia's landmarks. The teachers who contribute to shaping the nation's future leaders. The bankers, economists and strategists who help grow Malaysia's economy. The executives who make a difference in society through their drive and commitment.

These are the people who help build the Malaysia we know today. These are the people whom you work with every day and see on the streets of Malaysia.

This year, in conjunction with GRADUAN ASPIRE, we are paying tribute to the hardworking Malaysians who have contributed to the nation’s growth in every little bit that they do - the new executive on her first day of work, the CEO of a bank, and even the owner of a small start-up company.

More importantly, we want to say thank you for everything that you do for Malaysia!

Join us in our campaign!

You can be part of our GRADUAN ASPIRE campaign in 4 easy steps!

  • Post a photo of yourself in action on Instagram.
  • Let us know how you see Malaysia’s future and what you aspire it to be.
  • Let us know what you do in your career and how does it contribute to the country?
  • Nominate 3 friends to share their aspiration too and don’t forget to include the hashtags #IAspireforMalaysia and #GraduanAspire2019


Calling YOU to be a GRADUAN Ambassador!

GRADUAN Aspire is back again for the 8th year and we are now looking for ambassadors to join us!

  • Looking for fun, outgoing & enthusiastic people!
  • Opportunities to network with leading corporates!
  • Attractive incentives offered!

Do you have what it takes to be a GRADUAN Ambassador?