Thriving in Samsung as a Young Talent

By Dania Aziz

Beginning her journey as a Management Associate, Abigail Toh Youxin, now an Executive at Samsung’s Consumer Market Insights, takes us into what life is like as a young talent at this giant tech company.

Everyone has a dream job, a job we enjoy doing that does not feel like work. For Abigail Toh Youxin, landing a position in Samsung is partly a tale of serendipity. Seeing fellow graduates apply to jobs on Graduan while she was studying in London, Abigail jumped on the bandwagon by registering and applying for the Samsung Management Associate Programme.

She was then shortlisted and received Samsung’s invitation for the initial assessment. “I decided to go for it at that moment and a few weeks later, I received a follow up email to attend the assessment centre and I got through,” tells Abigail. After 12 months of being in the Management Associate programme accompanied by outrageous hilarity and life-changing encounters, she got to discover the department that best suit her in consumer data and insights.

As a Customer Market Insights Executive, her responsibilities revolve around data and translating it into actionable business insights. Abigail’s day-to-day responsibilities include facilitating cross-departmental discussions to better understand challenges, as well as planning research initiatives for data collecting, analysis, and presentation.

As one of the world’s biggest tech companies, Samsung is a fast-paced firm, so it is crucial for the employees to stay on their toes to keep up with any changes or problems that may arise. Nevertheless, Abigail describes the work culture at Samsung as a fun place to work and having supportive managers who are always willing to listen to her ideas and comments as the greatest part of it all. “If I had only one word to describe the culture, it would be stimulating,” says Abigail.

The award-winning Samsung Management Associate Programmes has definitely been a steppingstone for Abigail in achieving her professional goals. The on-the-job training with rotations throughout this programme has given Abigail the opportunity to learn rapidly and form relationships with individuals from all around the organisation. In addition, Abigail was able compensate for her lack of experience by listening to other people's experiences in other fields.

Success has no age limit

With age comes experience. Young talent may not have this to their advantage. Fortunately, the views of Gen Z and millennials are becoming increasingly relevant. This is because their perspectives on trends and what is fashionable are salient to keeping businesses current and relevant.

As a young talent, it is essential to learn quickly and be prepared to take on apparently little tasks. Coming from an engineering background, Abigail is now working in marketing thus it is necessary for her to be equipped with logical reasoning and good communication skills.

“My favourite thing about Samsung is the willingness of my managers to listen and take into account my opinions and ideas,” Abigail elaborates. Being a young talent at Samsung comes with many advantages. One of it being having the avenue to explore and implement ideas for young talent to gain a sense of ownership of their work and excel in it.

There is this perception that it is challenging for young talent to outdo when working for a large organisation. For Abigail, making a decision without second guessing is still a problem for her at her age. Since business challenges are frequently complicated, judgments must take into consideration more than simply data calculation. As she grows in her profession, she states that she will require more rounds of trial-and-error to make ever better judgments.

Aspire for success

One of Abigail’s biggest achievements during her time at Samsung is when she launched her first marketing campaign during one of her rotations as a Management Associate. To top it, designing a new series of consumer-sensing methods for the latest launch is a more recent accomplishment of Abigail.

Behind every success, there is a strong support system. For Abigail, the people around her, family, friends, colleagues, and managers have inspired her to attain the heights she has. “A common theme that inspires me is when one strives to turn their aspirations into reality,” mentions Abigail.

Her advice for young talent who want to go far in their career? Abigail shares that it is important to conquer the fear of exploring different possibilities and following alternative professional routes. As she continues to learn and grow with Samsung, she envisions her future self to be the go-to person for data-driven solutions.

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