This Company Wants You To Have A Career That Stimulates Your Mind! Are You Up For It?

By Sharmila Valli Narayanan

Want to work in an awesome environment that not only looks after your well-being but also stimulates you? Check out Schlumberger Shared Services!

Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield service company, operating in 85 countries with employees from over 140 nationalities. The company has been operating in Malaysia for over 80 years.

It has its footprints in various places in the country such as its oilfield operations in Kemaman and Labuan, Regional Business Operations Office in Kuala Lumpur, the Schlumberger Asia Center for Reliability and Efficiency in Port Klang, and manufacturing centres in Penang and Johor.

The company’s Business Support Hub is located in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. It is the biggest of the four highly organised, multifunctional shared services and outsourcing centres worldwide.

The Business Support Hub services 80 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Asian region. It comprises of the Finance Hub, HR Support Hub, Procurement & Sourcing Hub, Logistics Hub, IT and Global Connectivity Team, Data & Analytics Team, and Legal Support Center. Which means jobs for everyone!

The company was voted as one of the world’s 50 most attractive employers, says Adrina Tengku Hamzah, HR Recruiting and Talent Development Manager, Eastern Hemisphere. “One of the reasons for this is because we provide the type of work that stimulates and challenges the mind with a key focus on learning and growth as well as strict adherence to high quality standards,” she reveals.

“We have a strong HSE (health, safety and environment) culture that focuses on the overall well-being of our employees. Even for those who are working in a normal office set-up, the elements around healthy habits, good ergonomics and the likes are continuously emphasised,” she continues. “We strive to provide a competitive compensation package, protective benefits programme, and an overall positive working environment; through the team collaboration (coaching, robust knowledge management practices) and the peripheral support (facilities, computer network, access to systems).”

The company also provides avenues for employees to get involved in various activities outside office hours such as sports, charities and celebrations. There are also educational programmes such as the Business Continuity Programmes and Continuous Improvement Committee.

Those keen on honing their skills and widening their knowledge will learn a lot when working with various teams. “Besides the technical points related to the job, people pick up soft skills as well along the way. Intercultural communication, for example, is one skill you get to hone as you work in a highly diverse team,” explains Adrina.

To be a part of this exciting company, Adrina lists five qualities that the company looks for in a potential candidate.

Be eager to learn and improve yourself. Don’t be afraid to investigate, explore and do not get easily put off by failures. “Staying hungry and curious sets you apart from the rest,” says Adrina. “This will open up new doors of knowledge and opportunities.

Since a lot of the work is done in teams, team performance and efficient collaboration is very important.

Learn to think out of the box, look for alternatives, and try out new approaches. Do not get stuck when things are not going smoothly.

Don’t be afraid of change and don’t be comfortable with the status quo. “You have to be open to the idea of learning and unlearning and at times relearning as you progress,” explains Adrina.

“With the multiple nationalities in our demography and the vast geographical coverage, it is important that everyone in Schlumberger is comfortable to work with people who are not like them. There are multitudes of culture and perspectives, and this is where the understanding that ‘different is not wrong’ is essential,” informs Adrina.

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