These Six Tips Will Help You Get Ready for Your Next Big Job!

Because who knows, a great opportunity may come knocking on your door someday - and you want to be ready for it.

#1 Keep Your Resume Updated

It makes for good practice to always update your resume not just when you are job hunting. This way, when something new comes along and you’re ready for the change, you will be prepared with a resume updated with all your latest achievements and major projects.

#2 Get Out There

Network. Meet new people. Find out more about what’s going on out there in your industry or even other industries that you are remotely interested in. A lot of times, the case of being in the right place at the right time is how most people get their current jobs.

#3 Sign Up For Job Alerts

You don’t have to be actively looking to be signed up for job alerts. Think of it as just keeping in the know where you’ll get updates on the job opportunities that are personalised to your interests and experience. Plus, without your job radar on, how else are you going to find out about your dream job out there?

#4 Update Your Online Profile

A lot of companies rarely advertise their openings, preferring instead to go to job portals to see what talent is out there. So if you want your next employee to “chance” upon you, make sure that your profile is updated to suit your current skills and expertise.

#5 Build Your Expertise

Whether it is through training provided by your current company (a bonus if it comes under the company’s professional development budget) or something you can do on the side (like a weekend or online coding class), it always pays to upskill yourself so that you can be better prepared for newer and bigger job roles in the future.

#6 Say Yes

Your boss has a new job responsibility for you that may seem a little out of scope. Say yes. The invitation to a networking event for your industry. Say yes. Meeting with a new potential client who works in an industry that interests you. You got that right – say yes. These little activities might be the opportunities you’re looking for to go forward, whether in your current role or in a new job altogether.

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