The Memes That Perfectly Summed Up Our 2021…

By Mel Sim

We all feel the same about the year that was 2021.

Oh. What. A. Year. Hands up if you thought 2021 was tough! Who knew we would cross over from what we thought would be the hardest year ever and then bam! 2021 happened.

Naturally, the one thing that ruled 2021 was … drumrolls please… C-O-V-I-D. And lockdown. And another lockdown. PKP PKPB PKPD PKPP – who’s keeping track anymore!

It was a difficult year but if there is one thing that emerged out of it all is that Malaysians have a really good sense of humour. Give them a pandemic and dark days ahead, and Malaysians will give you a collection of good memes.

The lockdown got us all creative and here are some really good ones!

Then it was vaccination time! Phew, some good news finally… though who remembered how difficult it was to register for Round 2 AZ?

Other things happened as well like the whole political drama of who would be the next PM. Once again, Malaysians turned to humour to make light of the whole situation.

We then had a new PM who seems to take inspiration from dessert for his fashion sense…

Ok let’s forget COVID and other drama for a while. 2021 was also the year that gave us Squid Game and finally, the finale of Money Heist. What we think about the two greatest shows on earth? These memes sum it all up:

Happy New Year and here’s hoping 2022 will be a much, much, much better year!

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

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