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The #1 Secret To Success (It’s Not Hard To Do!)

Posted on 2018-05-14 10:09:00

How to make it big in your career? Prudential Malaysia Chief Financial Officer Ng Sim Kheng says it is all about staying true to your passion.

The best career advice Ng Sim Kheng, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Prudential Malaysia, received as a fresh graduate? “If I enjoy what I do, I’m not really ‘working,’” says Sim.

It is important to truly understand oneself, one’s strengths and passion, says the CFO. As well as enjoying every day, finding a purpose, and bringing a smile onto others.

Having long-term dreams and goals (as well as short-term goals) are equally significant. “After all, a journey begins with small steps!” she advises.

This is especially true for Sim, who started her career as a product engineer with Kodak in 1991, in Melbourne, Australia, where she lived for almost 18 years.

Where there are changes, there are opportunities.

When she turned 30, she decided to have a change in career where she explored the insurance industry. This led her to gain numerous experience and exposure while travelling for work to other countries. “Where there are changes, there are opportunities,” says the CFO.

This eventually resulted in her moving back to Malaysia in early 2016 to assume the CFO role after being with the company for five years in Hong Kong. Says Sim, it was a great achievement and opportunity in terms of being able to assist others in achieving their goals, developing talent both individually and as an organisation.

Commenting on the new generation of talent, Sim sees great passion and drive in them. She went on to elaborate that one should always stay true to themselves and to welcome constructive feedback, implementing it to suit one’s own personality.

Aiming to lead by example, Sim stresses on the importance to be genuinely interested in others and to always help them in any way possible. And as with everything in life, balance is key.

As for the future of the insurance industry, the CFO foresees positive changes in the years to come. Innovation in the industry sees end-to-end changes taking place, with breakthrough technology set to spur a fundamental transformation. These technologies are also enabling the creation of new insurance products, business models and services to its customers.

The main focus is to provide customers with a more satisfactory experience. After all, Prudential Malaysia’s mission is to provide financial freedom and peace of mind for all Malaysians!

By Jean Lee

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