So you want to be a graphic designer?

By Charisma Rossilia

If you have a creative mind and like art, technology and communication, graphic design is a perfect job for you. What is it like to be one? Read to find out more.

An expert in graphic design can benefit many companies because it's a crucial marketing tool. Graphic designers also have numerous options to diversify into other design disciplines. There are many transferrable abilities that can help them move into related fields like web programming or UX/UI design.

We speak to our very own graphic designers at GRADUAN® to find out more about the career.

🖌 Nur Dini Syafiqah

So tell us, what is graphic design all about?
Graphic design is a form of visual communication that helps people or particularly consumers in solving problems by combining images, words and ideas.

Why did you choose graphic designing as a career?
Art has been my passion ever since, but thinking forward, we are all evolving into the digital era. Hence, I decided to step up the game. It is safe to say that graphic design is a professional field where I can put my creativity and passion for art into daily use. Also, I love the fact that designing offers me so much flexibility and opportunities to be creative — I am not tied to only one medium or method; as long as I am able to deliver the message required through the visual perfectly, it is all good!

What can you do to build your portfolio?
Portfolios are like visual CVs for designers to showcase our design abilities, styles, credibilities as well as versatility. First of all, as a graphic designer, I’d say it is very crucial to have a strong personal branding to differentiate ourselves by showing our unique identity and style. Personally, when building a portfolio, I love to split the content of my artworks according to their own category and focus more on the area I specialise in. Graphic design has a very broad scope; hence, it is better if you emphasize on which path or category you excel at in order for people to have a better understanding when viewing your portfolio. Advertising? Corporate Identity? Illustration? Multimedia? The list goes on.

Our communication skills are just as important as the visuals we create, so I will make sure to include written content. This will help people understand the creative processes behind the work. Last but not least, find a platform to promote the portfolio. For many years, Behance has been the go-to creative platform for designers, but I also think that Dribble, LinkedIn, WordPress and Instagram are also recommended to showcase your portfolio depending on your needs and your audience. Keep up with the current trend to engage more and expand your network in the designing industry.

🖌 Najwa Zainal Abidin

How did you start your career in graphic design?
I first started when I was in university. I had my internship at New Straits Times Press for five months where I learned and gained so many new skills and knowledge on designing. It helped me speed up the process of being a full-time graphic designer.

Based on your experience, what is the main role of a graphic designer?
Graphic designers are visual communicators and problem solvers. We are here to help build a brand identity and convey messages through visually pleasing content. We are also responsible for illustrating concepts and creating design proposals to be submitted for approval before proceeding to commercialise them.

What are the common job opportunities for graphic designers?
Given the wide range of uses for visual design talents, graphic designers typically have a variety of professional choices. Some of it includes:

  • Publishing Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Marketer
  • Animator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • 3D Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • UIX Designer
  • Illustrator

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