Manifestation: What is it and how does one do it?

By Hannah Dania

First you have to believe it.

The concept of manifestation fascinates many. It refers to the act of putting thoughts into reality; the process of bringing ideas into being. Believe it or not, our thoughts have the power to make things happen - through manifestation!

Just like a goal, manifestation has its end aim. When you think of a goal, you make sure you carve the path and all the possible ways that lead to it. Manifestation is somewhat alike. If you put your mind to something and constantly remind yourself of it, your mind and body flow with it and eventually veer towards the direction of getting it sorted.

For example, if you wake up "on the wrong side of the bed" and you expect your day will be terrible, you're more likely to do things that make your day terrible. You're even more likely to see neutral things as terrible and you're likely to continue this cycle of negative emotions that can manifest the exact negative day you expected.

But if you were to manifest a great week ahead on a Monday morning, chances are you’d enjoy the next 7 days with ease because you’ve already had the end goal in mind. The days go by with optimism and even the little hiccups along the way wouldn’t feel like such a burden knowing you’ve manifested a rainbow after a little rain.

Hence, it’s always a great idea to manifest great things daily…plus, it’s not difficult to do! Here are some techniques.

1. Journaling
The most important factor in manifesting is yourself, so cultivating self-awareness is key. By taking the time to journal out your thoughts, you can start to recognise where you're blocking yourself and how to move forward, as well as write down what it is that you want to achieve and make happen.

2. Vision Boarding
The process of creating a tangible visual of what you're looking to attract - be it the next outfit, the next vacation you dream of, even a new house. Pinterest exists for a reason. Have a few categories or albums such as outfits, lifestyle, vacation or specific areas in your home. From there, fill it in with photos or videos that you find interesting and would want to achieve eventually. Next thing you know, you’d have a visionboard full of the things that you manifest and will eventually move towards it! You may also share this with friends and family to get more ideas.

3. Visualising
Much like vision boarding, but this is more of an internal discussion with yourself and how you project it in your mind. It's essential to envision as many details as you can about the things you want and, more importantly, the version of yourself that has the power to draw them to you. For example, take some time to unwind and give yourself 10 minutes to daydream about the life you want. Be it the type of dinner you’d like to have for the next few months or even imagining yourself in a brand new car with a new salary. Who said it’s wrong to fantasize about the endless possibilities?

4. Positive Affirmations
Negative thought patterns can block things from manifesting. Unlearn this with positive affirmations. Choose the affirmation that speaks to you like "I am worthy," "Love is always around me," or even "I will land my dream job." Many believe that The Secret, a self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, is written proof of the law of attraction. It explains how the law of attraction, which states that saying positive words (while radiating good energy) attracts positive things into your life, governs your thinking and actions, and how you can use the power of positive thinking to achieve anything you can imagine.

5. Take Action!
Last but the most important! You can journal and visualise all you want but without initiating the first course of action, that dream of yours will never come true. First, think about it, then feel it, and eventually be it. It's about really starting to behave according to the new image you manifest instead of the old patterns. If you’ve manifested a healthy lifestyle in this new year, time to put in some work. Start by buying a 3L water bottle and put it on your desk - you won’t be able to miss it. From there, start going for walks after work and eventually hit the gym when you’re ready. Next thing you know, you’re living the life you manifested months ago.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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