Make Money Without Even Getting Out Of Bed

By Ahmed Wafi

Hustle on…

We’re all too familiar with side hustles you can do to earn extra cash like being an AirBnB host or an e-hailing services driver. But what if you’re a student who doesn’t own a home to rent or a car to turn into a taxi? The internet saves the day!

Here are four things you can do from home to help earn you some extra cash. Pre-requisites include (but are not limited to) a computer, internet connection, and strong willpower!

Online surveys
Earn up to RM30 for answering a survey online. Many companies including YouGov offer pretty good money for a chunk of your time answering simple surveys. It pays to be honest!

Be your own boss and work from the comfort of your bed. Utilise your skills the best way you can. If you have writing, designing or coding skills, make the most out of them by applying for freelance positions or advertise your services. Create a nice little poster on Canva and use social media to get the word out.

You know the annoying ads you watch before your video plays on YouTube? Without those ads, making money on YouTube wouldn’t be so easy. There are a number of ways you could do this. You could showcase your talents to the eye of the public and get discovered by a big record label like a certain Justin Bieber or you could post interesting videos of a topic you’re familiar with and monetise your YouTube account. Some of the most successful YouTube accounts don’t require a crew, fancy cameras and flashy editing. Many YouTubers create videos that hit views in the millions using their phone camera and a single person with almost zero editing. YouTube even has a tutorial on how you can make money on its platform here!

Investing has never been easier! With the advent of online investment platforms like StashAway, everyone can invest. Passive income is a crucial way of building your wealth while also reaching your financial goals. Many investment vehicles have a low minimum investment and earn a higher rate of returns than savings accounts. That bonus you got at the end of the year? Stash it away!

Photo by Satyam HCR and YTCount on Unsplash

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