Join our diverse community of solvers at PwC Malaysia

Our vision for the PwC Network, fuelled by our Purpose, is to be the most trusted and relevant professional services business in the world - one that attracts the best talent and combines the most innovative technologies, to help organisations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

And that’s where we want you, with your unique skills and perspective, to be part of our diverse community of solvers.

So, how do we support each person as we come together in unexpected ways to build trust in society and solve important problems? By creating an experience that stays with you - through Growth, Recognition, Opportunities, and Ways of Working (GROW).

Here at PwC, we provide you with Growth opportunities in different ways, such as:

  • On-the-job coaching, with an emphasis on real-time development
  • Vantage, a mobile learning app providing personalised on-the-go guidance for learning and development
  • Digital Accelerators and Virtual Digital Academy are some programmes to enhance digital skills at varying intensities
  • Financial and leave support to complete professional certifications

We also value Recognition and appreciation for a job well done and through My PwC Rewards, where we strive to reward you in both financial and non-financial ways that comes with the flexibility to decide on the benefits which are relevant to your lifestyle and your changing priorities. Family support is also given, whether you’re a parent or taking care of your elderly parents. Be recognised through flexPoints, a web and mobile app that allows you to give and receive real-time recognition through points and badges. These points can then be used to redeem gifts from various brands on the platform.

The work that you do, regardless of level or business unit, will be focused around making a difference and providing you with Opportunities to solve important problems. We also believe that the work goes beyond corporate and needs to benefit the community. For example, we collaborate with organisations to run initiatives like ‘Kampus Digital’ to upskill students through self-learn modules with virtual coaching by our professional staff. We’re also a proud sponsor of Edvolution Enterprise’s ‘Applied Leadership Programme’ that helps train state and district education officers with critical learning recovery skills to provide support to schools, teachers, and students.

Finally, while what we deliver matters, how we deliver it together matters too. That is why we value your wellbeing by offering flexibility and different Ways of Working through initiatives such as:

flex+ programme:

  • flexFridays: Every second Friday of the month, we’re allowed to leave work at 12:30pm.
  • flexMed: Allows for medical leave without needing to produce a medical chit.
  • flexBenefits: Flexibility to use benefits allowance in areas most needed (e.g., medical benefits, lifestyle-related benefits).
  • Career break: An option for our employees to take time off for their personal needs such as pursuing a passion or care for family members.
  • Birthday leave.

A wellness campaign that encourages healthy wellbeing habits, catering to the body, mind, and heart (e.g. mindfulness classes, fitness activities, and much more)

Employee Assistance Programme:
A free and confidential counselling hotline that provides an avenue to share work or personal problems with external professionals, if needed.

A platform to meet new people within the firm and be more inclusive of one another.

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