Innovating Together

By Mel Sim

Micron Technology’s company values drive it to innovate better through teamwork, collaboration and a commitment to its customers to give them quality products and services. Read on to see if it resonates with what you are seeking in a successful career.

Empowering people
Not only does Micron place high emphasis on empowering its own staff through continuous learning as well as employee benefits, there is also a commitment on how the company engages with the communities in which it operates in. Micron takes necessary measures to understand how its products impact customers and the global economy and therefore sets a high bar for innovation. Micron also believes that educators can inspire students to pursue a world full of possibilities which is the success of both society and innovative companies. Hence, it partners with educators and community organisations to enrich and empower communities.

Strive for innovation
At the core of Micron’s business are solutions that shape the world’s future positively. To do so, the company is committed to integrity whereby the quality of its reputation is just as important as the quality of its products. Professionalism tops the list of attributes Micron looks for in its talent who through Micron’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics will operate thoughtfully towards creating high-quality product standards.

The power of collaboration
Above all, Micron values collaboration within its team members, partners and customers to work closely together to deliver in a proactive approach for high-quality product standards. Working as one team has resulted in award-winning efforts recognized internationally and more sustainably.

Operating thoughtfully and responsibly
Micron is in the business of continuous transformation. Therefore, it is important that it conducts its business with the benefit of customers and communities in mind to ensure that these transformations bring on a positive impact in lives. Its global strategies and local adaptations are geared towards making Micron’s operations more sustainable and responsible.

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