HOW TO ANSWER: Why You Are The Best Person For This Job?

By Siew Ching

Wow them with your answer, not make them go huh?

The job interview is going great; they seem pretty impressed with your CV. Then your interviewer looks at you one more time and asks this question: “So tell us, why are you the best person for this job?”


Hold up! It doesn’t have to be that way! Sure, it’s a difficult question to answer but it shouldn’t be met with awkward silence. In fact, it should be your chance to shine and really show your future employers why you are the right hire!

But to seize this moment is to know how to answer this tricky question correctly, that is telling your interviewer what he or she is looking for. What exactly is that? When the interviewer asks this question, what they want to know is simple: To make sure you know what they are looking for in that role and that you have the ability to do the job if you were to be hired. It’s about finding the right fit for both the role and the organisation. If you answer correctly to meet that, then you’re halfway there!

The other objective? To sell yourself! This is your chance to convince them that you are a worthy candidate for the role and has the right skills as well as personality to join the company.

How do you answer this question? There are many ways but we’ve narrowed it down for you in specific on how to craft your answer.

#1 Highlight the skills you have that are relevant to the role
Firstly, when you do this, you show that you know what’s needed to excel at the job. Then think back to the technical skills you may have that’s relevant and let the interviewer know how these skills will come in handy. Don’t forget to add in some soft skills too like problem solving or leadership as these too are important for your career success!

#2 Provide evidence
It’s one thing to say you have these skills but another to prove it. Everyone says they have great people skills, and you too will most probably tell your interviewer this. But how do you prove it? By giving concrete examples of your achievements. Say, “I was able to sign on three new clients in the past six months for my current company and have another two more set to finalise. I believe it is because of the professional relationship that I have managed to nurture with these clients whereby they know they can depend on good service from me.”

#3 Share any unique qualities
The sad truth is that if you have the relevant technical and soft skills, so will another 10 candidates. What will make you stand out in that role? Think of how you may have a specific skill that others may not have that will come in handy to take that role to a whole new level. For example, maybe you’re not only good at client servicing but have some basic design skills too. This can come in handy if you’re eyeing that account manager job where you’re able to work better with both client and your internal team as you’re able to see things from both sides.

#4 Practise your answer!
Like any other answers, it’s a good idea to get some practice in as well to help with the nervous jitter and to ensure that you’re prepared with the right answers that will set you apart. But don’t memorise it! It will come across like you’re reading off a teleprompter!

#5 Don’t overpromise
Last but not least, manage expectations. You don’t have to promise the moon and back to the interviewer when asked what you can bring to the table. Be realistic with your answer. Nobody expects you to increase revenue by 300% in your first year.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

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