The real reason why employees choose to stay (psst, it's not money!)

The answer? According to the GRADUAN® Brand Awards 2016, it’s having a positive career path where there is room for growth and development for better skill and knowledge!

It’s not to say that salary doesn’t make a difference whether a person stays or not (in case you’re wondering, it’s #3 in the list after passion for the job) but seems like you guys are more interested in whether a company is able to support and give you what’s necessary to do better.

The GRADUAN® Brand Awards is an annual survey conducted by Putra Business School to learn more about employee behaviour and preferences. Info is collected during GRADUAN® ASPIRE career and Postgraduate Fair.

Last year, data was obtained from 14,047 respondents (that’s almost 50% of everyone who attended!) where they were asked to list down the top six companies they are interested to join as well as answer a few questions about work behaviour.

Here are other interesting findings from the survey:

The top six organisations most preferred by respondents:

Why employees choose their preferred organisations:

Other major factors: Training, monetary and travel opportunities

The average number of years they would stay in an organisation:

What do you think? Sounds about right? Share your thoughts on why you would stay in a company!

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