Get to know Soo Hoo! PwC Malaysia’s Managing Partner

Always wonder what work – and life – is like for a partner? Here’s a sneak peek.

My first job
Prior to joining PwC Malaysia in 1996, my first job was in a global professional services firm in Singapore after graduating from Nanyang Technological University. At the time, in 1992, there were six big firms instead of the four now. Large professional services firms came over to our university and pitched to us about joining their firms. Campus engagement hasn’t changed much after all these years--firms are still going directly to the talent pool to talk about the learning and development opportunities they offer and the clients they have a chance to work with. Starting a career in Assurance is still a popular option amongst graduates.

What has changed since then is how firms are now focusing more on the traits of a well-rounded professional, rather than just academic excellence. We would never have imagined back in the 90’s that we would one day use assessments like psychometric tests and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assessment tools in recruitment.

Principles I live by
As a husband, a father of two kids, and the Managing Partner who oversees a firm of about 3000 people, these are principles that I hold close to my heart:

  • Honesty and integrity: ‘Act with integrity’ is one of our PwC Values and it's an important one to have especially when it comes to providing Assurance services. It also applies to everything that we do in life.
  • Work-life integration: Sometimes work can be overwhelming, but each and everyone of us has a personal life outside of work too. Our flex+ initiatives such as flexFriday, flexSpace, flexDad, and many more, support our lives outside of work, and allow us to fulfil our personal commitments as well.
  • Constant learning: Albert Einstein’s famous saying, “Once you stop learning, you start dying” resonates with me. I am constantly learning new things. Recently, I’ve been on a quest to upskill myself digitally. Upskilling is also part of PwC’s ‘New world. New skills.’ initiative to prepare our people and help those around us to be part of our future workforce.
  • Having a balance between working smart and working hard: If we can find an easier way to complete a task and achieve the same result, why not? Of course, this must work hand in hand with honesty and integrity as well.

My proudest achievement
On reflection, I may have achieved many things in life, but the achievement I am most proud of is marrying my wife, who has been at my side through life’s ups and downs.

Rise and shine!
Normally, I start my morning at 6:15am and hit the gym for 40 minutes. After working out, I need to recharge! I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it prepares me for a busy day ahead while sustaining my energy levels throughout the day. I usually play some iPad games too while having breakfast before taking on the challenges of the day.

My top movie recommendation
I would recommend ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ movie to everyone. When I first watched it, I thought the plot was so unique and original. This film reaffirms many life lessons that we all need reminding of from time to time. Personally, my top three lessons are:

  • Even if time moves backwards, it still passes. Nothing is permanent.
  • In this story, Benjamin Button came across many opportunities and had to make many life decisions. He seized some opportunities whilst giving others a miss. Most importantly, he made the best out of the opportunities presented to him.
  • Throughout his life, Benjamin faced countless setbacks, but he chose not to get frustrated or angry. Rather, he learnt to let go and move on.

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