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Posted on 2017-10-20 00:00:00


Been applying for jobs but don’t seem to be getting any callbacks? Chances are you’re making some job-seeking mistakes that could be deterring you from getting your dream job – or any job at all.

Luckily for you, we did the research and found some of the common blunders that can cost you that job offer. Steer clear of these mistakes to do your future a huge favour.

#1 Resumes that are filled with grammatical errors

The one thing most recruiters want to know if you have attention to detail, which is an important skill to have in any job. So by handing in a resume filled with typos, you’re making the job easier for the recruiter to say no to you.

Always proofread your resume – and proofread it many times – before sending it out. Or get at least two other people to go through it as well in case you missed something.

#2 Then there are the too-long resumes

It actually annoys the recruiter having to go through a resume that is too long-winded, causing him or her to lose interest. The rule of the thumb for first-timer job-seekers? Keep it to just one page.

Recruiters tell us that by about halfway down page one, they usually have all the information they need to decide whether to call you in for an interview. So make sure you highlight only what’s important for the job in just one page.

#3 Applying for too many kinds of jobs

We get it – you want a job, any job. But really, that will cause you to lose focus on the job search as you’re hitting apply on everything. And you’re sending the same resume out over and over again without customising your resume to fit the role.

What happens when a recruiter gets your resume? They decide that you’re not the right fit with your “generic” skills. So if you really want a job that you can grow and progress into, say no to the aimless job search.

#4 Only relying on the Internet for job postings

The Internet is a wealth of job openings, so it makes sense to start here for your job search. But there are also a lot of other places where your dream job awaits.

Consider attending job fairs like GRADUAN® ASPIRE – you’ll get to meet many HR representatives to find out more about the industry and their companies; hand in your resume personally; make a great impression face-to-face or network with representatives who may not have a position for you now but will remember you the next time they do.

Or talk to people you know – they might know of someone from a company who is looking for a talent just like you. By virtue of knowing you, they can also get you a foot in better than any recruitment ad can.

#5 Not customising your cover letter

Same resume rule applies to your cover letter – make it applicable to the job you’re applying. If you’re applying for just any random job, your cover letter will most likely be just any random cover letter that the recruiter is likely to glance over and say, “meh”.

#6 Not treating job seeking seriously!

Finding the job you want is not going to take you just five minutes of your life; in fact, it is an actual full-time job itself where you are dedicated to plan it properly, execute well and follow up for results.

Dedicate a few hours a week to go through various job openings for the ones that suit you. Take the time to craft the best cover letter and resume. Keep track of your applications (you don’t want to apply to the same job twice!), measure your progress and keep a tab on the outcome for each job application.

Good luck!

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