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Product Technologist

Job Posted at: 2020-08-12 12:41:00


Negeri Sembilan


2020-10-15 09:18:00

Full Time


Job Scope

We are looking for a Product Technologist, who will be responsible to develop and implement the appropriate technical standards in innovation and renovation of products and processes in portfolio as driven by business needs.

**A day in the life of... **

  • Manage innovation of products by developing new recipes basis project briefs, complying with quality, food safety regulatory & costs requirements and developing new / alternative raw materials and specifications.
  • Define manufacturing formula, block diagram and manufacturing conditions and specify the product’s requirement for packaging.
  • Conduct industrial trials (at factory or co-manufacturer units) and validate process parameters while providing relevant information for product costing.
  • Define release norms – on line and finished product and validate shelf life of new product with specified packaging.
  • Create material / codes / BOM in SAP and gather all information (product file), documents and samples necessary for management release while providing information and samples to Business Unit.
  • Manage process (factory & co-manufacturer by assessing process performance**

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

1 Year

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Field of Study

Food Technology/Nutrition/Dietetics


Nesternship (Nestlé Virtual Internship Programme)

Nestlé Malaysia

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