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Software Engineer I

Job Posted at: 2022-07-21 07:58:46


2022-08-20 07:58:49

Full Time


Job Scope

Contribute to the programming output of the team or project area (with supervision) by developing and testing standard modules or by amending more complex modules. In comparison to a Graduate Software Engineer, the Junior Software Engineer is more autonomous/productive. Junior Software Engineers already have experience in a technology company and direct experience contributing or working on a specific product. They are reliable engineers that may own small to medium features all the way through from technical design to launch.

This role is well suited to an individual who is focused on growing as an engineer and learning the team’s tools and processes, as well as learning about the best-practices of software engineering such as testing, source control, and agile planning. It’s well suited to an individual who is capable of taking well-defined tactical sub-tasks from a larger project and completing these tasks in a reasonable time frame.

**Core Responsibilities **

  • Requirements Analysis and Design:

1.Attend and contribute to discussions and backlog refinement (scope, acceptance criteria).  2.Contribute ideas and estimates of tasks (incl. change requests and defects) and risks in alignment with process and team standards. 

  • Development:
  1. Understand and follow the development standards and processes used by the team and wider organization.  
  2. Under supervision, write code to meet the acceptance criteria of each story and task.  3.Investigate and fix defects – both internal and external – performing Route Cause Analysis as required.  4.Create automated tests at all levels of the application to ensure compatibility, stability and quality. This includes all types of automated tests e.g. unit, component, integration and end-to-end etc.   5.Run the automated test suite, analyzing and triaging the test results.  6.Ensure that code created is of the required quality standards via established practices and processes such as code reviews, static analysis, and security scans. 
  • **Research:  **
  1. Research and keep up to date with technologies, practices, components, and tools used by the organization and suggest ideas for reuse within projects and tasks. 
  • **Agile Teamwork:  **
  1. Participate actively in all Agile meetings– planning, stand-up, retrospective, backlog refinement, review; 
  2. Collaborate with teammates effectively to achieve the team's goals and objectives. 
  3. Provide constructive feedback as part of the established performance review process. 

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

1 Year

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Grade

Second Class Lower

Field of Study

Computer Science/Information Technology


**Autonomy: **

  • The individual will work closely with their manager and team under supervision.
  • Expected to seek guidance in unexpected situations.
  • Able to plan, schedule and monitor own work within limited deadlines and according to requirements (good self-organizational abilities).
  • Demonstrates an organized approach to work.

**Complexity: **

  • Performs routine activities in a structured environment.
  • Requires assistance in resolving unexpected problems.

**Influence: **

  • Minimal influence.
  • May work alone or interact with immediate colleagues.

**Knowledge: **

  • Has a basic generic knowledge appropriate to area of work.
  • Applies newly acquired knowledge to develop new skills.
  • Contributes to identifying own development opportunities.

**Business skills: **

  • Uses basic systems and tools, applications, and processes.
  • Follows Experian Way, code of conduct, ethics and organizational standard.

**Collaboration: **

  • Able to work in a team and achieve common goals
  • Able to share knowledge and experience easily
  • Possesses communication skills that enable them to cooperate well with remote teams

Technical skills

Programming/software development:

  • Programming skills relevant for the project team (good understanding of object-oriented design, data structures, algorithms and design patterns)

**Testing: **

  • Executes given test scripts under supervision
  • Records results and reports issues
  • Develops an understanding of the role of testing within system development, as a tool for design improvement as well as a validation process

**Systems integration: **

  • Basic understanding of software production process


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