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Quotation Engineer

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Job Scope

  1. Study & understand product drawings and ensure all technical specifications of Inquiries are carefully studied.
  2. Work closely with related engineers (Application/ Product) & production team to provide costing & quotations in a precise & effective manner.
  3. Possess good understanding on production processes & detail capabilities so that correct production routing is selected.
  4. Liaise with Sales team/ customer & Production/ Engineering team to ensure that the product specifications are fully understood.
  5. To come out with RFQ drawing to show Article dimensions (+ tolerances) and also all other offered specifications.
  6. Attend alignment meeting with FLF team to update status of inquiry.
  7. Prepare cost summary using various exchange rate conversion & INCOTERMS so that Customer Service team can offer to the Sales Team / Customer within the timeframe.
  8. When PO is received and drawing updated by Design team, proceed to BOM & Routing creation for new Article.
  9. Perform analysis for success rate of Inquiries, keep proper Quotation records & compile KPI reports. Utilize the analysis report to work out improvement measures.
  10. Understand the detail flow of FLF outsource activities & provide support when necessary.
    1. Any other duties assigned by the superior from time to time.

Job Requirement

Knowledge Basic understanding on measurement equipment and methodology

Technical/Work-based Skills  Able to perform simple calculation
 Familiar with Microsoft software such as Excel, Power Point, Word  Familiar with SAP (ERP, CRM, BI)

General Skills/Attributes  Good communication skills
 Good analytical skills
 Able to work as a team
 Willing to learn
 Able to think out of the box
 Good time management - able to prioritize activities and meet target completion date

Experience  Preferably with 3 years experience in related field
 Have good understanding of product/process

Minimum Year of Working Experience

Not Specified

Minimum Qualification

Not Specified

Minimum Grade

Not Specified

Field Of Study

Not Specified


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