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Job Posted at: 2021-11-17 09:43:00


2021-12-17 09:43:00

Full Time


Job Scope

Job Summary Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is an Allied Health Profession. They play an important role in collecting the required information’s, clinical sample receiving, testing, reporting and documentation of these investigations.

Key Responsibilities

1) Standard Operation Procedure (SOP):-

  • a. Written procedures for laboratory procedures should be followed at all times.
  • b. They define how to carry our protocol-specified activities.
  • c. Most often written in a chronological listing of action steps.
  • d. Written to explain how the procedures are supposed to work.
  • e. Check out the SOP document with advice and guided by Consultant Microbiology

2) Need

  • a. Pipetting skill is required
  • b. Monitor, screen and troubleshoot analytical equipment
  • c. Calibrate laboratory equipment
  • d. Utilize automated equipment and computerized instruments to simultaneously perform numerous test samples.

3) Instrument Validation:-

  • a. The frequent calibration, re-validation and testing need to be done depend on the instrument and extent of its use in the laboratory
  • b. Whenever an instrument’s performance is out-off the “control limits” reports must be discontinued.

4) Equipment records should include:-

  • a. Name of the equipment an manufacturer
  • b. Model or type for identification
  • c. Serial number
  • d. Date equipment was received in the laboratory
  • e. Copy of manufacturers operating instruction (s)

5) Manage and Monitor Reagent Storge’s Requirements:-

  • a. Reagents and solutions shall be labeled

  • b. Deteriorated or outdated reagents and solutions shall not be used

  • c. Include date opened

  • d. Stored under ambient temperature

  • e. Expiration date

  • To comply and adhere to all matters pertaining to Quality, Safety & Health and Environment related to the job scope and work place as required by the Company.

  • Any other duties that will be assigned from time to time by the Management.


  • I. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technologist, or
  • II. Degree in Sciences (Hons),
  • III. Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

Competencies Required

  • Knowledge on molecular biology
  • Ability to make decision in critical situation

Skills & Abilities

  • Handled microbiology /virology specime
  • Knowledge on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Knowledge on Good Clinical Practice (CGP)
  • Aseptic Technique and Aseptic Processing
  • Trained and hand

For interested applicants, feel free to submit your application to [email protected] and our friendly Recruiters will be reaching you out to explore the career opportunities in Gamuda.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education

Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma

Minimum Grade

Second Class Upper

Field of Study

Science & Technology


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