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Executive - Human Resources and Administration

Job Posted at: 2021-12-31 04:00:00




2022-01-30 10:47:00

Full Time


Job Scope

Job Summary Responsible for Human Resource Management and office administration matters.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To maintain and advise on Gamuda Corporate Personnel Policies.
  2. Participating in manpower planning, interview and recruitment.
  3. Issuing offer and warning letter and other correspondence related to human resources and administration.
  4. Maintain complete personal files for staffs.
  5. In-charge of orientation program for new staff.
  6. Recommend and conduct disciplinary action, counselling, warnings, domestic inquiries, etc.
  7. Administration of staff overtime – on 12th of each month and month end salary.
  8. Monthly updating of manpower status reports, overtime percentage and related reports for management information.
  9. General correspondence with government statutory department e.g. EPF, SOCSO, IRD, Labor Office, etc.
  10. To liaise with HQ Human Resources Division in staff’s payroll, personal record, compensation, resignation, and submissions of monthly HR Management Report, etc.
  11. Responsible for office administration inclusive of security services, tea-leady, office housekeeping, dispatch clerk, stationery control, petty cash, etc.
  12. Ensure implementation of company administration policy, rules and regulations by staff.
  13. Enforcement & Implementation of QESH procedure & legal requirements.
  14. Providing safe equipment, a safe working environment and ensuring safe systems and procedures of work.
  15. Identify hazard & risk.
  16. Monitoring of QESH performances.
  17. To investigate accidents & identify the corrective actions.
  18. Attend QESH trainings.
  19. Enforcement and implementation of ISMS procedure, legal requirements as per stated in ISMS manual.
  20. Ensure relevant staffs are competence in ISMS through training.
  21. A member of disciplinary panel for any ISMS serious violation security breaches.
  22. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the management.


  1. Degree in Business Administration/Human Resource Management or equivalent.
  2. Minimum 4 years working experience in Human Resource and Administration.
  3. Good working knowledge of Statutory Act related to human resources and labour (Labour Law, Employment Act, EPF, SOCSO, etc), computerised payroll system.
  4. Able to communicate with all levels of management, assertive and initiative.
  5. This position needs to be based in Rasau Water Treatment Plant.

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

4 Years

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree


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