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Job Posted at: 2022-09-04 16:00:00


2022-10-05 04:00:00

Full Time


Job Scope

Job Responsibility

To ensure that all food preparation procedures and activities are well observed and practice with full involvement, with the standards required by the Company.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. To be familiar and know the procedures to use all the forms that are available in the culinary department

  2. To ensure that all communication tools, such as log books, maintenance request, inter kitchen transfer etc are followed.

  3. Assist in food preparation and to ensure standard recipes are followed.

  4. To ensure a la carte food is presented according to photo standard, buffet presentation is according to standard set by Sous Chef and Executive Chef

  5. To know the procedures and to know how to use all machines, fridges, equipment and utensils are clean and in working condition at all times. Checks all areas assigned in regards to sanitation and hygiene contamination of any kind.

  6. Is responsible in following the flow of work without any hesitation.

  7. To be aware of all activities in Food & Beverage Department including Banquet events and Employees activities

  8. To understand that business demands sometimes make it necessary to move associates from their accustomed shift to other shift.

  9. To attend briefing conducted by superior accordingly.

  10. To report to superior of any unusual incidents, complaints, unauthorized person in the kitchen, missing or damage hotel properties.

  11. To maintain cleanliness of the kitchen, safety and hygiene standard


  1. To cultivate and energize at all times during the day-to-day operations ensuring that it is practiced between associate-to-associate, associate to guests/tenants and associate to suppliers.

  2. To adhere to the employee relations’ policies & procedures. To understand and comply with the Company’s Employee handbook ensuring a high level of discipline is maintained at all times.

  3. To provide a courteous and professional service at all times to all our guests, visitors, tenants and suppliers ensuring that all procedures, standards & guidelines as stated in the SOP are complied with.

  4. To cultivate the ‘sense of belonging’ feeling in oneself by ensuring that all types of equipment, furniture, machinery or any other assets of the Company is handled and used with great care.

  5. To have a complete understanding of and adheres to the Company’s and department’s policy & procedures relating to safety, security and health/hygiene.

  6. To ensure that the Company’s operations is protected and respected at all times, as well as to have a clear understanding of the Company’s vision & mission and work together towards achieving them.

  7. To be always aware and contribute to the overall financial performance of the Company by practicing cost saving measures, revenue enhancement, adherence to the Company’s energy saving programs, conducting proper & accurate inventory and stock controls, adherence to the requisition & purchasing processes, et

  8. To support superior in carrying out his/her managerial duties & responsibilities.


  1. Management reserves the right to change or amend this job description at its’ sole discretion as and when necessary.

  2. To perform any other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Management.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education

Professional Certificate

Minimum Grade


Field of Study

Culinary Arts


Staff Cafe Commis


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Housekeeping Attendant


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Housekeeping Clerk


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