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Associate, Data Management & Digital, Data Analytics Centre

Job Posted at: 2022-05-14 07:14:00


2022-06-13 07:14:00


Job Scope


As part of the pioneer team in this newly setup Data Analytics Centre, the data management & digital specialist is to assist in the development and execution of data governance and compliance, monitoring the data quality and data quality control procedures. To assist the digital development activities such as user experience, digital content, and digital transformation activities based on user-centered and Agile approach.

You will be responsible for: • Participate in the generation and review process for all database changes and refinement. • Liaise between Business, Functional, and Technology to ensure that data-related business requirements are clearly defined, communicated, and well understood and considered as part of operational prioritization and planning. • Assist in the development of an inventory of the enterprise information maps, including authoritative systems and owners as well as data security matrices. • Implement data quality standards, data protection standards, and adoption requirements across the enterprise. • Develop digital applications such as mobile apps connecting various digital touch-points. • Work with various stakeholders to identify the business requirements and the expected outcome especially on improving efficiency, productivity, and monetization using various data science methodologies. • Work with vendors/consultants on various analytics projects and apply the best practice for internal usage. • Partner with different units in the Data Analytics Centre and other departments to support data collection, integration, and retention requirements.

As a TEAM, you shall at all times act with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and PROFESSIONALISM in providing the HIGHEST STANDARD OF SERVICES to our internal and external customers

Notwithstanding the above, Company may assign other duties/responsibilities to the person holding this position based on prevailing business needs or for development reasons.

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

2 Years

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Field of Study

Computer Science/Information Technology

To be successful in this position, you need:

• At least a bachelor degree in any of the following disciplines but not limited to:

  • Mathematics / Computer Science / Statistic / Economics / Actuarial / Data Science • 2 - 5 years of working experience in relevant data governance and management as well as digital application development experience. • Experience with Hadoop/Hybrid/Cloud and other data storage tools. • Experience with SQL, Python, R, Spark, or any Machine Learning open programming applications. • Agile/Scrum knowledge and experience of working in a digital transformation environment. • Proficient in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is a plus

KNOWLEDGE • Good knowledge of the Data and Digital development lifecycle. • Knowledge of various technological decision making for the data management and digital transformation. • Have involved in the development of stakeholder-ready deliverables and presenting them with confidence and influence.

SKILLS (PROFESSIONAL, TECHNICAL MANAGERIAL & PRACTICAL) Preferably to have attended Big Data Analytics short-term courses or have obtained certification in Scrum and Agility.

ABILITIES • Able to complete multiple tasks within the deadline. • Maintaining and balancing various requests from stakeholders and assess the objectivity of the requests for prioritization. • Knowledge of business vs analytics - understanding data from various systems for a deeper comprehension of a data structure based on subjects.

PERSONAL TRAITS & PEOPLE MANAGEMENT • Safety-conscious • Agile • Creative • Reliable • Efficient • Digital-driven • Possess good people management skills with unquestionable teamwork spirit, integrity and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism to deliver the best customer’s experience


Data Engineer, Data Analytics Centre


Posted 2022-05-14 07:09:00