This Ramadhan, you too can give back

GRADUAN’s mission has always been to help graduates from all walks of life achieve better lives and with the tough times that Malaysians far and wide are facing, GRADUAN is giving back to the community!

We aim to raise up to RM5,000 in funds that will be distributed to four public universities in the Klang Valley area and will benefit the students of those universities.

Be it to pay for their tuition fees, buy books and study material or even support them for an extra meal, we believe the students of today and tomorrow should be given the ability to complete their studies in comfort before taking the next step in their career to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

GRADUAN Gives Back!

Funds will be channeled to the following

Frequently Asked Questions

Donations received from this will go to public funds of four universities. You can read a breakdown of each university and their respective funds on our Kitafund page.

Click the button above that will redirect you to our Kitafund page then follow the instructions below

  1. Please click “Sumbang” (Donate)

  2. State the amount you wish to sponsor.

  3. Choose the mode of payment (Online Banking or Debit/Credit Card/Paypal).

  4. State your email to receive receipt and updates of the campaign.

  5. Click on “Sponsor”

  6. Continue to make payment on the redirected page.

  7. You will be redirected to this page once the sponsorship is made. The amount sponsored will be reflected on the page.

Direct bank transfer to the beneficiary means that there’s minimal transparency. The other sponsors won’t know how much funds have been raised and how much more is needed. When you donate through Kitafund, the public will get to know how much has been raised and how much more is needed.