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Executive, Talent Management (Assessment)

Job Posted at: Wed, May 16, 2018 3:26 AM


WP - Kuala Lumpur


Fri, Jun 15, 2018 3:26 AM

Full Time


Job Scope

A. Job Purpose

Implement, coordinate and support the talent assessment planning, strategies from recruitment till succession planning as a function to build up the talent pipeline within PSMB. It is to ensure the current and future competencies needed able to support HRDF functionality on financial and operational.

B. Key Accountabilities

  1. Assist to establish the criteria and framework for talent management to ensure high performance talent and high potential talent are identified.
  2. Implement and coordinate talent assessments based on the established criteria to ensure effective administration of talent pool identification.
  3. Maintain talent pool database generated from various assessment tools / sources / recruitment interviews to ensure selection of talents for business needs.
  4. Analyse and link the talent pool database with succession planning to ensure career development and career opportunities has been given to all staff in PSMB.
  5. Assist to establish the career development framework which linked to performance and talent assessment database for promotion and development purposes.
  6. Facilitate and conduct talent assessment process using assessment tool that suitable with the context of PSMB to identify potential talent in the organisation.
  7. Establishes and owns best evidence practice based processes and tools for defining and validating Talent Management standards, policies and approaches based on business needs.
  8. Undertake other such reasonable duties as required by the Management.

C. Qualifications, Skills & Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Industrial Psychology or any related disciplines.
  • 3 - 5 years of experience as HR generalist at divisional level with exposure and sound understanding of the function for talent management.
  • Relevant hands-on experience in various assessment tools or functions.

D. Key Challenges of the Job

  1. Analyse the data from the assessment and plan for future planning on usage of the data.
  2. Keep abreast of market developments especially on assessment, current HR trends and innovation of succession planning.
  3. Coordinate with HODs to identify current and future competencies within PSMB to support the vision and mission.
  4. Communicate and facilitate the session to assist HODs identify the talent pool and successor among their division and department. Obtain the buy-in from respective stakeholder to implement what had been proposed by Talent Management Department.

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

3 Years

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Field of Study



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