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Elevate Your Creativity and Entrepreneurial Side with Arvato

Posted on 2021-06-23 09:00:00

Global IT specialist Arvato Systems prioritises the overall experience for its people through a high degree of trust.

To empower, to create, and to inspire… that is the purpose of Arvato Systems. Being known for having creativity and entrepreneurship as core values, this organisation nurtures its people through purposeful work scope, development opportunities, and contributions beyond the normal work scope as the key focus for success.

Arvato promotes creative development by providing a ‘home’ for its talent through continuous innovation and improvement, guided by customer needs and interests. Critical and imaginative thinking is highly encouraged as it challenges convention and unlocks new opportunities.

As for entrepreneurship, Arvato allows its employees to act with flexibility, responsibility, and efficiency. Also included in the list, it aims to yield vision and courage to take risks.

What are the employee benefits offered at Arvato?

At Arvato, employees are the driving force behind the quality, efficiency, innovation, and growth of the company. If you are an employee here, the company will not only care for you but for your family as well! Some programmes that have been initiated and tailored to provide employees with work-life balance are coaching programmes, health programmes, flexibility programmes, mothers at work, and flexibility programmes.

Yearly company trips which involve various team bonding activities used to be customary but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these have been done virtually with initiatives such as #ArvatoHomeCooks competition, Game Night using Gartic.io application, and many more.

How does Arvato care for its employees?

To promote a high degree of trust throughout the company, whether it is between peers or employees and supervisors, Arvato promotes the culture of trust-building. This has helped place focus on work outcome rather than the number of hours one spends working. The management ensures the success of this initiative through the following:-

  • A corporate culture focused on results rather than being physically present
  • Increased higher levels of employee satisfaction
  • An improved work-life balance
  • An open communication culture

As for encouraging mental health awareness, Arvato has received help from volunteers within the organisation to run activities like sports and innovation day on a regular basis. For example, during the first MCO, the company organised Virtual Brown Bag sessions focusing on topics like psychological preparation in adapting to the new norm at work. Recently, the session was carried out again by inviting an external healthcare expert to raise awareness on the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

To go the extra mile, Arvato has been running Tuesday Yoga in a virtual setting and surprise deliveries such as Care Packages and Fruit Packages as part of its initiatives to take care of the well-being of Arvatorians .

The STARS (Say Thanks and Recognize Success) programme has also been recognised as one of the company’s flagship programmes as an initiative to recognised employees for their efforts. It is designed to help strengthen the culture of recognition and appreciation within the company through three special award categories based on the different degree of recognition impact.

Being a company that emphasises on merit-based performance, the internal calculations on performance bonuses are being communicated transparently as this will motivate employees to put in more effort into the company in order to be compensated accordingly.

At Arvato Systems Malaysia, Diversity and Inclusion is the main focus to cater for its employees from 14 different nationalities. It is the organisation’s goal to produce an environment for its employees in which they can shape the future of the company in a healthy and productive manner.

Discover more opportunities available at Arvato and meet them at GRADUAN ASPIRE this 9 to 12 July!

By Dania Aziz

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