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Chemical Engineer

Job Posted at: Tue, Dec 12, 2017 4:00 PM


WP - Kuala Lumpur


Sat, Nov 3, 2018 9:57 AM

Full Time


Job Scope

  1. Environmental Engineer •To execute research & development (R&D) (evaluation of available or developing new technologies) and consulting (helping plants to comply with environmental laws and regulations). •Develop capital projects in several environmental technology areas (specifying or designing new pollution control facilities), including air quality control, water and wastewater treatment as well as waste management.

  2. Distillation and Gas Processing / Chemicals Engineer •Support and build technical decision making process at Chemical manufacturing sites and monitoring reports for key pieces of process equipment including select distillation towers, heat exchangers, compressors and furnaces. •Build, validate and use models of key equipment to enable analysis of trends in equipment performance. •Identify trends, opportunities and recommend energy performance, effectiveness and capacity.

  3. Process Engineer •Conduct field inspection, design support, operations support, optimization and unit monitoring as well as troubleshooting in the area of Distillation, Sulfur/Amine, Hydro processing or Coking process technologies. •Maintain collaborative and influential roles and relationships with ExxonMobil manufacturing sites and/or Licensees across the globe to provide recommendations on technical troubleshooting efforts, optimization and debottlenecking studies as well as project development and design.

  4. Safety Relief Engineer •Provide daily technical support and guidance to a team performing safety facilities studies for ExxonMobil refineries and chemical plants around the globe. •Responsible for delivering efficient and accurate studies and solutions in the area of process safety. •Solid understanding of Process Safety fundamentals including HAZOPs, Risk Assessments, Overpressure Protection and Contingency Analysis. •Previous academic and/or practical experience in flare modeling tools such as Pressure Protection Manager (PPM), Visual Flow or FlareNet are required.

  5. Process Safety Engineer •Familiar with hazard identification, risk analyses and assessment methodologies. •Good knowledge of industry standards and practices relevant to process design and safety. •Potential work items: ◦Risk assessment facilitation •Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) facilitation •Safety Case / Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) development and maintenance •Project safety reviews such as electrical area classification, fire hazard zone drawings, safety relief and flare calculations as well as facility siting studies

  6. Advanced Controls Engineer •Develop and implement basic regulatory and advanced control applications at ExxonMobil’s refineries and chemical sites, especially on Honeywell TDC-3000 and Experion Platforms. •Develop tools or advanced techniques to improve the effectiveness of advanced control applications. •Provide expertise in advanced and multi-variable predictive controls and product blending technologies on refinery process units. •Provide general process control support for capital projects. •Interface with Real Time Optimization specialists and Operations personnel.

  7. Energy Specialist •Apply process engineering fundamentals to improve refinery energy performance consistent with the ExxonMobil Global Energy Management System. •Take lead role in conducting energy efficiency workshops at ExxonMobil’s refineries with scope ranging from operations efficiency to large scale strategic project opportunity identification and prioritization, lead energy review of all projects at key milestones, lead technical scoping/feasibility studies for identified energy opportunities and provide site support to develop long term energy roadmap. •Conduct benchmarking of refineries and individual process units to identify efficiency opportunities. •Manage the regional heat exchanger monitoring and cleaning program, define opportunities to selectively upgrade heat exchangers with appropriate technology application.

  8. Operator Guidance Technology Engineer •Work in an integrated project team environment to deploy and maintain instances of Operator Guidance Technology (OGT) process control applications which are used for process surveillance, monitoring, abnormal event detection and diagnosis in refineries and chemical sites. •Execute all phases of projects, including planning, budgeting, scheduling, data analysis, conducting interviews, documenting results, communicating recommendations, stewardship, quality assurance and closeout. •Provide technical support for sustainment of operator guidance applications by interfacing with engineers/operators at process facilities. •Familiarity with Honeywell-distributed control systems (TDC3000, TPS) will be an added advantage.

Expected Level of Proficiency. •Bachelor of Engineering or higher degree in Chemical Engineering. •Full time or internship work experience in a related engineering field. •Previous academic and practical training in process simulation tools, like PROII, Hysys, are highly preferred. •Passionate to be an engineer and show strong attributes e.g. attention to details, highly organized, good math/analytical skills and practical use of the physics and chemistry principles.

Please submit your application online at jobs.exxonmobil.com

Job Requirements

Minimum Working Experience

1 Year

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Grade

Second Class Upper

Field of Study

Engineering (Chemical)


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