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Astro Graduate Programme (Business/Management Stream)

Job Posted at: 2019-09-05 16:30:00




WP - Kuala Lumpur


2019-10-04 16:30:00

Full Time


Job Scope

Want to get a diverse exposure and learning? Continue reading...

Astro Graduate Programme is an 18-month rotation-based programme where you get on-the-job training, and learn how different roles contributes to the creation of customer and business value. There are two different streams available to provide a focused learning in this diverse ecosystem - kickstart your career with the Business Stream or the Technology Stream!

For the Business Stream, you will get first-hand insight of the "behind-the-scenes" from content creation to getting the content on various platforms for our customers, and the other business opportunities around it. This is a golden opportunity to explore the consumer, TV, over-the-top (“OTT”), radio, news, sports, digital and commerce space, ALL AT ONCE!

What are you waiting for?

Areas Covered:

Customer Experience, Customer Service, Business Planning, Product & Pricing, Content Creation, Production, Branding, Acquisition & Distribution, Finance, Marketing, Data Analytics, etc.

*this list is not exhaustive

Read more on: https://www.astro.com.my/careers/graduate-programme

Job Requirements

Minimum Education

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Grade

Second Class Upper

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Astro Graduate Programme (Technology Stream)


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