Why you should work in Schlumberger

By Mel Sim

Expect to be challenged and to thrive.

Leading provider of technology and services to the energy industry, Schlumberger’s Global Business Services provide the shared services that make its pioneering work possible. From Supply Chain to Finance, IT, Legal, and HR, Schlumberger develops and delivers innovative ideas that shape its organisation, sector, and beyond. If you want to challenge ordinary thinking, then there’s a future for you in Schlumberger.

Here’s what it offers as an employer.

#1 A respected corporation
Schlumberger is respected in its industry because of its commitment to safety, focus on technology, and the unwavering development of its people to ensure it delivers solutions to the most complex technical challenges. Joining Schlumberger provides the chance to work on projects that will transform how work is done.

#2 Ample opportunities to learn and develop
You’ll be encouraged to share your ideas, and you’ll grow by developing them with the expertise of peers and leaders alike. The work culture at Schlumberger is dynamic and captivating. As long as you can embrace the change that comes from this, the scope of what you’ll learn is limitless.

#3 Focus on innovation
Schlumberger is built on innovation. Its 90-year history is what leads the company forward and it is what Schlumberger continues to do today.

#4 Truly diverse!
As an internationally diverse organisation, Schlumberger operates in over 170 countries, with over 140 different nationalities working here. It’s not uncommon to be in a meeting where every person is from a different nationality.

#5 A responsible commitment
Schlumberger is committed to responsible environmental stewardship by striving to meet international environmental standards and regulations, and to exceed customer expectations by managing risk, reducing pollution, waste and natural resource consumption, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. As a global technology leader, Schlumberger believes in its ability to address climate change issues with new technologies and increased operational performance.

Bonus! Tips on how to get hired

  • Have an online presence. It’s a good way to introduce yourself.
  • Separate your social profiles. Have a work-related profile and don’t get it mixed up with social media.
  • Build up your interpersonal skills, ability to collaborate, problem-solve, thinking outside the box. These are key skills to have. The mindset for constant improvement is also important.
  • Have the drive for improvement.
  • Know your interests, the career pathway you want to build for yourself. Remember, it is a long-term journey.
  • Don’t be discouraged by rejection!
  • For fresh grads, reach out to alumni for advice to learn what it’s like working in the corporate world. Speak to friends and family who are in the similar workforce.

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