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Where Culture is Key

Posted on 2020-10-09 03:00:00

At Dell Technologies, its company culture drives its business and leadership.

The Dell Technologies culture
Our corporate culture is the driver of how we run the business, go to market, work effectively together, and provide inspirational leadership. Our people engage and operate as a single team with a common cause. We have a shared cultural framework that defines how we work together and reflects the best parts of who we are as individuals and as a company. We are a company of passionate overachievers, and we always have been. It is one of the reasons we have survived and thrived in an industry defined by change.

Led by values to achieve every day
Our culture is defined by our values and made real every day by how we work and lead. It also will include who we are: A diverse team with unique perspectives, united in our purpose, our strategy, and our culture. We are driven by our ambition and the power of technology to drive human progress, and we are unwavering in our commitment to equality, trust and advocacy for one another. Our culture is the foundation for all we’ve achieved, and for all the success ahead of us. This is our Culture Code. We value our Customers, Winning together, Innovation, Results and Integrity. Our Culture Code unites us and makes us a great place to work.

Work flexibility: Do your best work in the way that works best for you
Technology now makes it possible to work from almost anywhere, and Dell’s Connected Workplace programme allows team members to do just that, by choosing the work style that best fulfills their needs on the job and in their personal lives. Our journey towards a more flexible work culture started in 2009. Now we have a wide variety of flexible work arrangement options for our team members, from full-time remote to select days on campus to job-sharing and more.

The secret to getting a promotion
It’s simple: Add value and make impact. We value talent like this so much that we are willing to invest in them. Our people are the most critical component of our long-term success so it is no surprise how much time and effort we pour into creating a comprehensive benefits package for all team members. We believe that what we expect from our people, how we support them in achieving it, and how we measure and reward them for doing so is fundamental to our success and the longevity of our culture.

A balance of hard work and smart working styles
Generally, people like to work smartly as it consumes less time and lowers mental stress as opposed to going through continuous hard work with a lot of discipline, dedication and determination to achieve the goal. However, hard work can be perceived as the first step towards smart work, while smart work can be perceived as the fruit of hard work. Having a balance of both hard and smart work styles sync in with our culture as we believe our culture and values are key differentiators in anything that we do. Both styles work – it depends on the individual to find the best style that works in achieving the goal.

Why you should be a part of our culture
At Dell Technologies, there are endless challenges, rewards, and opportunities across the globe. We’re made up of strong, smart people dedicated to doing their best work and driving success for our customers. Being a part of this company changes you in a positive way, and the growth you experience here serves you well for the rest of your career and your life.

By Mel Sim

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