Want to be Money Smart?

Then join us at ASPIRE+ to hear what our financial experts have to say!

Mark your calendar - #teamGRADUAN will be hosting another ASPIRE+ on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 at WeWork Equatorial Plaza, 7pm onwards. This will be our third and final premier networking session for the year and you don’t want to miss it as we will be focusing on all things money! Yup – the networking session and forum will feature financial experts to talk about our theme for the night: “Are You Financially Savvy?”

Moderated by Wong Wai Ken, Country Manager of Stashaway Malaysia, our forum will offer tips, insight and ideas on what it’s like to not work for money but to make money work for you. So if you want to know how you rate on the money smart scale or to find out more about investment and retirement funds, don't miss this opportunity to hear what our panel of money experts have to say.

Space is limited to only 150 working professionals with no less than three years of work experience.

Click here to register and to find out more about ASPIRE+.

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