Use the Long Weekend to Recharge

By Mel Sim

Because self-care is good for your soul…

Don’t you just love long weekends, where you get either Friday or Monday off? Bonus! And in 2020, there will be six long weekends. Can we get a yippee?

But it also means you may have to work harder some weeks to get work complete. Thank god for these long weekends because you can use them to recharge. The key is not to let the long weekend come and go, or spend it partying that you end up regretting it when you go back to work.

Try to space out your activities and make sure you factor in some me time so you get some rest. Or use it to finally get something done, whether it is organising your library at home or finally making that bread recipe.

Here are some great ways to really take advantage of your long weekend to recharge and improve your life.

Day One of Long Weekend: Focus on Yourself

Take a mental break
Start your long weekend by giving yourself silence, the best gift if you’ve been uber busy this week. Use it to meditate as a way to clear all that clutter in your head. Not sure how to do it? Check out self-help guru Deepak Chopra’s library of guided meditation.

Eat well
Start by recharging your body with healthy but delicious foods to give your body a boost. Forget fast food and takeouts this weekend; why not treat yourself to good old homecooked food? Cooking can be therapeutic and better yet, you can choose to include all the good ingredients like kale, quinoa, seeds and more to feed yourself better. For recipes, hit Pinterest and type in Superfood Bowls.

Shut down
Stay away from your phone for the entire day if possible so no checking social media, sending WhatsApp messages or writing emails. Use the no-gadget day to contemplate about your future and what you want to achieve in life. Start journaling; write down all your thoughts in a book so you can refer to it time and again. Friends bugging you to go out? Ask for a rain check instead so you don’t to surround yourself with others’ needs and demands.

Day Two of Long Weekend: Do Something

Get out
It’s tempting to just stay in and laze in front of Netflix all three days. We don’t recommend it though because by the end of day three, your head will blurry from all that Netflix haze. Why don’t you finally go on that hike with friends? You’ve been planning it for some time, the long weekend is finally here so what’s your excuse?

Get started
Make your own bread. Marie Kondo your wardrobe. Shoot a short film with your phone. If you’ve always wanted to do something, now is the time. Breaking out of life’s monotony is a great way to get your creative juices started. Plus, you never know – you may discover the next best thing you’re good at.

Get different
If you’re always doing the same old same old, why not step out from your comfort zone and try something new instead? You can sign up for a coffee appreciation course or try a different sport like rock climbing. Doing new things keep your mind alert and also helps boost your mood.

Day Three of Long Weekend: Do Something for Someone

Help a friend or a stranger
You’ve spent the last two days focused on yourself; why not lend a helping hand to someone else instead? It’s a win-win situation: Not only will you lessen the burden for someone else but doing good will fill you up with positive vibes, which is great if you are trying to seek a bigger meaning in life. Friend moving? Offer some help to pack and unload. Want to reach out to the needy? Sign up to be a volunteer!

Enjoy the company of your loved ones
Been spending too much time at the office? Now’s a great time to connect with your loved ones. Add some quality time in your three-day weekend. Go for lunch with the family or schedule for coffee and chat with a friend. Spending time with someone you treasure can get you feeling happy, recharged and ready to go.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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