Shape Your Future With Top Glove Management Associate Programme

By Dania Aziz

GRADUAN checked in with Top Glove's Kate Yeong to learn more about their management associate program.

Top Glove Management Associate Programme (TGMAP) is a 3-year programme that stresses on holistic development by customizing job scopes for each rotation based on the Management Associate’s profile and strength, unlike other Management Associate programmes that incorporate departmental rotations.

TGMAP also incorporates a monthly group coaching session in its agenda, an initiative to create a safe space for Management Associates to voice out any challenges they are facing and get feedback from senior staff members on how they can overcome these challenges. Top Glove also instils a culture of giving back through their CSR projects to let Management Associates know that their actions make a difference in the community they are in.

If you are an individual with a wide range of superlative skills including technical skills, leadership, and the capacity to engage in high level problem solving, then you are the ideal candidate for this programme!

Top Glove is looking for talent with the willingness to accept feedback in any form from superiors and peers, and the ability to interpret the feedback accurately as these two aspects are paramount.


TGMAP is an exclusive opportunity to lead special projects delegated by the department’s senior management, and in rare cases, our Executive Chairman himself! Push your limits by learning, unlearning and relearning skills to develop yourself into a well-rounded specialist in this highly competitive industry where the currents are rapidly changing.

At the end of this programme, Management Associates will be able to confidently lead teams as Assistant Managers within the organisation in order to drive results as well as the ability to show empathy in managing the people under them, which ultimately maintains a high level of work performance.

Other than that, the vast experiences that Management Associates will gain throughout their 3 year rotation through various divisions and taking part in multiple projects will mould them to be a capable and confident member of the organisation that is highly valued besides building upon their network of connections with multiple stakeholders within the organisation.

Be prepared with perseverance and determination to work in a fast-paced working environment that will aim to test your ability to cope in high pressure situations. Take the extra step to be proactive in voicing out your opinions and feedback and continue to add value to the tasks entrusted. Lastly, find meaning in the work that you engage in and identify personal objectives that are aligned towards your field of work to sustain a high work ethic and achieve organisational goals.

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