Make 2023 Your Year of Doing 🎉

By Siew Ching

Your best year – coming right up!

The beginning of a new year is a special time. Why? Because we get to start on a clean slate. In fact, it is the perfect time to start making changes in your life. Because if you can’t have a fresh start for a brand new year, when can you do it?

So we say – let’s make 2023 your year of doing! And by this we mean you are achieving the things you’ve always wanted to and also making 2023 a fabulous year both for your career as well as for you personally.

How do you set yourself up for this success? Unfortunately, that enthusiasm can quickly die off even before anything can happen. The familiar daily grind of life, the stress at work, the challenges of balancing life – all of these will soon become a part of our life, new year or not, and we eventually fall back into the same ol’ same ol’.

Still determined to make 2023 your year of doing? We hear and applaud you! Yes, it can take some effort to really drive this message home but when you sail through 2023 like a champ, it will be all worth it.

Here’s what needs to happen to make sure 2023 is your year of doing.

#1 Learn from your past mistakes
Mistakes are cringeworthy but you know what they also are? Valuable lessons. As much as you don’t want to, it’s worth thinking about all the mistakes you made in 2022 and what you learnt from them. Understand that everything happens for a reason, which brings you to 2023 being your best year. Don’t get caught up with these mistakes. Instead, learn from them and be better at whatever you did to bounce back stronger.

#2 Put your goals in writing
If there’s no proof, it didn’t happen. And for goals, if you don’t write it down, you can’t manifest them! Make a list of the major goals you would like to achieve for 2023 – maybe start creating more content, learn a new skill, go outside your comfort zone. Whatever it is, having these goals set in ink will make you more likely to want to achieve them. It’s like having your goals as a constant reminder to go out and get them. After all, research shows that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

#3 Decide what your “headline” will be for 2023
Think of a news article you read recently. Chances are you were attracted to it because of the headline, right? It is a summary of what you’re about to read – one glance, and you know what the story is. Now think about your 2023 – what will your headline be? Decide how you want others to read your story and work towards making that happen.

#4 Practice mindfulness
You know how you think you’re far from the year ending but before you know it, you’re thick in December already and wondering where the year went? Don’t let that happen to your 2023. The way to do this is to be mindful of each day and make it count. Sure, some days can really go by quickly because of work commitment but always come back to what you’ve achieved for the day and what you hope to achieve even more. Put your thoughts into action. Practice being focused to better your mental productivity and reduce stress so you don’t get bogged down by anxiety.

#5 Be grateful
Your year of doing doesn’t just have to be about accomplishing things or being a success story. It can simply be about being grateful for each day as it comes! When you are grateful for the time and health you have each day, you will make every day you have for 2023 count. You won’t take relationships for granted and you will start to appreciate everything you have. And that is the best thing you can do for your year of doing.

Happy 2023!

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash.

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