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Let’s Glow Together with Top Glove

Posted on 2021-06-07 07:00:00

"It does not matter where you are from, you are made to do great things. Top Glove will lift you to greater heights" - Loke Kean Mun, Top Glove General Manager of Human Resources

Career History
For many, deciding where to start their career journey can be a very daunting task but some have the privilege of finding themselves back where they started in the career.

Recounting this, Top Glove General Manager of Human Resources, Mr Loke Kean Mun chuckles as he remembers his earlier days as a Learning & Development officer in the manufacturing industry. He fondly recalls the time where his willingness to work and learn brought him many unique opportunities, even having to carry and prepare water barrels for various training seminars.

“I started my career in Learning & Development in Human Resources because I have always believed that there is no end in learning,” says Loke. Loke’s love for learning helped him develop key organisational development skills which would then further his career in the automotive industry. Little did he know that these talents would return him to the manufacturing industry again in Top Glove as its HR GM.

“Life is certainly an interesting turn of events and sometimes you just have to go where opportunities allow you to glow the brightest,” comments Loke.

Since joining Top Glove in December 2016, Loke has overseen the implementation of several key initiatives which has elevated Top Glove’s digital, learning and organisational development trajectories.

He credits the ability to perform all these changes to Top Glove’s Corporate Values of R.I.V.E.R (Respect, Integrity, Value, Empowerment, Relationship) which he continues to draw inspiration and strength from.

“Many rivers flow into one big sea and the practice of these values are the essence of what makes or breaks the company."

Top Glove’s Management Associate Programme (TGMAP): Glowing with Top Glove
A famous saying goes “When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”. Top Glove’s innovative TGMAP programme aims to do the same by nurturing allowing talents to bring their one-of-a-kind talents to the table.

"Our Top Glove Management Associate Programme or TGMAP, is our testament to our continuous commitment towards growing a talent," says Loke.

While many management trainee programmes offer classic job rotation, TGMAP offers a customised job rotation plan tailored to each Management Associate's profile and strength.

"This makes for a great starting point for any talents who wanted to glow and grow together with Top Glove," says Loke.

Talents who join the programme will be pushed to their limits and learn skills which allow them to be highly adaptable, enabling them to be well-rounded specialists in their field. Click here to learn more about TGMAP.

Top Glove also believes in being a diverse work place which is why the company also hires from all kinds of educational backgrounds and employment experience.

"We are working very hard with various HR teams to ensure that we are hiring with diversity and inclusion in mind," reiterates Loke.

Top Glove will challenge many young graduates to develop strong skills in process and lean management, in addition to developing strong discipline to be able to navigate the corporate world.

Thriving Amidst the Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many in Malaysia without a job and few companies if any are thriving during this difficult time.

The same cannot be said for Top Glove which has established itself as an essential industry. This certainly has its advantages and has positioned the company to be a highly sought-after employer for its stable outlook.

Adapting to the new norm, Top Glove has expanded much of its hiring capabilities to now include the virtual medium with many interesting events such as the Top Glove Virtual Career Fair and Top Glove Virtual Open Day.

Loke commends the highly adaptive initiatives of its Group HR Department and adds that good HR practitioners need to stay constantly abreast with where talents are to be able to fulfil the needs of the market.

"I believe that nothing is permanent. The pandemic will disappear one day. Until then, a new norm will take over and the corporate world as we know it will be very different. Being in HR, we need to be adaptable and continue to innovate to grow where human capital and talents are.” comments Loke.

Top Glove’s aggressive hiring is in line with its goal of becoming a Fortune Global 500 company by 2030.

Why Top Glove
Top Glove is a fast growing and dynamic company with many ambitious goals. The company’s young 30 years in existence is a very much a reflection of its youth and ability to grow with speed. Without a doubt, this would resonate with many vibrant and young talents who will begin their journey into the corporate world.

With a host of good values and plenty of talent development programmes, the opportunities to grow with the company are limitless. The company’s rapid expansion into other Southeast Asian countries like China and Vietnam would also mean plenty of opportunities for overseas assignments.

Loke explains that these opportunities are necessary for young talents to be able to adapt to the fast paced and unique culture of Top Glove.

"I firmly believe that having young talents in the company will ensure that the business will be a success. As they will be able to bring a lot of fresh ideas, fresh energy that some of us who may expire soon are unable to give!" says Loke jokingly.

He adds that the company’s willingness in investing in young talent is what will set it apart in the future and drive Top Glove towards greater goals.

"Invest in the young generation, as they will be the ones who propel our company towards greater visions and dreams," says Loke.

By Vektor Teh

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