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The UOB Management Associate Programme nurtures future leaders to continue its banking legacy. Here’s what you can expect.

United Overseas Bank (UOB) Malaysia is a regional financial institution within ASEAN with 71 years of history in Malaysia. With a current strength of more than 6,000 employees, its future growth strategy and a steady pipeline of future leaders are critical for the continued success of the bank.

The award-winning UOB Management Associate Programme (MAP) is designed exactly for this purpose, as an integral effort to nurture and groom emerging talents to fuel the bank’s leadership pipeline. It’s a regional programme across all UOB markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In its 18-months duration, Management Associates (MAs) will learn different aspects of the business, develop skills to navigate a changing banking landscape, and experience holistic development opportunities through a series of learning and development that include corporate training as well as a support system at work that includes a coach and mentor to guide them throughout their journey.

Since it is a regional programme, MAs will also gain exposure into the ASEAN region through corporate inductions and overseas assignments. In fact, this regional exposure is a MAP highlight. It presents MAs with the opportunity to work and engage with colleagues of diverse backgrounds.

Upon graduating the MAP, UOB MAs will join their preferred departments where they will continuously have opportunities to grow and develop into larger roles for their future. So, if you’re graduating university soon and searching for an opportunity, look no further and apply for our MAP before it begins this July 2023!

Not graduating anytime soon? You might be interested in the flagship internship programme that will get you at the right start with the bank. Specifically for undergraduates, the UOB Smart Bankers Internship Programme (SBIP) offers students a holistic and valuable internship experience, and this includes networking as well as training and development opportunities. Upon successful completion of their internship, high-performing interns are offered a fast pass into the MAP.

Sounds like an opportunity you don’t want to miss? Learn more by heading over to UOB's Career Page and follow UOB on LinkedIn.

UOB MAs at the CEO Townhall 2022

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